Tuesday, August 27, 2013



The key to booking a fuller calendar is to create a sense of urgency: “I only have two dates open”

At conference, Belinda Ellsworth taught to always know your next two available dates. The last thing you want to do is ask them when they want to have their party. Instead say, “my next two available dates are ________ and _________ . . . which would work best for you?"

The biggest key of all is to get on the phone.  People usually don’t respond to mailers or emails.  Those who are getting on the phone and connecting with past customers, host and those who filled out survey slips at parties and vendor events are finding plenty of business.

“Hi Sharon, this is ______ and I met you at Susie’s Jamberry Nails party (county fair, women's expo, grocery store line... etc).  How are you enjoying your  ________ (any product they purchased or sample you shared with them) that you purchased at Susie’s party?  Wait for a response. If they had difficulty with their sample or have yet to try their order, this is a time that you can reach out and offer help. We constantly hear from consultants that are consistent in customer follow-up say, "At first, they were discouraged because they couldn't figure out or forgot how to apply the nail wraps. They were excited at the party, but their excitement fizzled when they received their order and didn't put them on 9or had difficulty putting them on. Once they knew how to apply them, they ordered more!" We often hear that they are applying them without heat or heating the design side and not the adhesive side which activates the adhesive and makes the wrap pliable for a good application.

“Hi Sharon, this is ______ and I met you at Susie’s Jamberry Nails party (county fair, women's expo, grocery store line... etc).  I've been thinking of you. I know you fell in love with several designs from our Garden Party line. Well, we just added 20 new designs in that category plus over 100 more new designs for the Fall. I'd love to show them to you." or “I noticed when you are at Susie’s party you marked on your drawing slip that you might like to earn some products for free. You are in luck! We just came out with a new catalog and have over a 100 new designs that you and your friends are sure to love."

If you offer a date that is really close in, you may hear . . . “oh, I couldn’t put something together that quickly” . . . then you need to overcome that objection with . . . “can I share with you why you might want to reconsider; some of my most successful demos/parties happen with 2-5 days of booking them, here’s why . . . you don’t even need to mail invitations, just throw it out on Facebook, or do a quick evite to your friends and family, and most importantly, give your friends a quick call.  Guess what? They will know what they are doing in 2 days, more so than in 2 weeks or a month!  What do you think, should I go ahead and mark you down and we can decide on a fun theme like "Girl's Night Out" so you can start sharing with your friends!”

·         Past Hosts who had a successful party with you.  Let them know that when you saw the new designs, you thought of them immediately .

·         Customers who marked on their Prize Drawing slip that they may be interested in hosting a party.

·         Customers who placed an order. Thank them for their past order, let them know you were thinking of them and that we have new fall designs. Because of all the excitement over the new fall designs you are booking up fast, but you would love to work with her and help her earn some free products. 

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