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Retiring Designs by Catalog Page

  • Retiring Designs by Catalog Page

    By Stacia Porter , Jamberry Independent Team Manager, shared on the leadership page :)
    To help boost your sales this month, highlight your catalogs with the retiring designs! Here's a list of retiring designs by page number in the catalog:

    Pg 7
    Sunset Ombre
    Citrus Ombre
    Mystic Ombre
    London Fog Ombre
    Set Sail
    Strawberry Gingham
    Blueberry Gingham
    Hot Summer Stripe
    Blonde Bloom
    Modern Stripe

    Pg 8
    Summer Shades
    Coral Reef 
    Sour Cherry Pie

    Pg 9
    Go USA
    Born in the USA
    Red, White, and Blue Horizontal Stripes

    Pg 10
    Aqua Pinstripes and Owls
    Picnic Playtime and Cherry Pie

    Pg 11
    Polka Peach and Demi Rose
    Blue Polka and Cookie Cutter Hearts
    Stripes and Skulls

    Pg 13
    Silver and White Fishnet Tip
    Black Tip on Black Fishnet Tip
    Tangerine Tip
    Emerald Tip
    Gray Tip on Pale Pink

    Pg 14
    Buff Tip
    Lilac Tip
    Blush Tip
    Decorative Watermelon Tip
    Strawberry Gingham Tip
    Powder Blue Swiss Dot Tip
    Sunset OmbreTip
    Gold Tip on Mint Green
    Pink  Tiger Tip
    Feather Tip
    Metallic Gold Fleck Tip

    Pg 15
    Coral Diamond
    Minty Moon
    Red Haze
    Blue Haze

    Pg 17Blushing Rose
    Demi Rose
    Magenta Floral on Clear
    Orange Floral on Poppy
    Purple Floral on Violet
    Turquoise Floral
    White Fern on Clear

    Pg 18
    Red Aloha Flower
    Blue Aloha Flower
    Spring Flower
    Colorful Modern Flower
    Blue Modern Flower

    Pg 19
    Decorative Watermelon
    Decorative CobaltD
    ecorative Aqua
    Black and White Flower
    Brown and Turquoise Flower
    Desert Sunflower
    Moonlight Sunflower

    Pg 20
    Emerald Net
    Diamond Net
    Black and Magenta Lace
    Black and Red Fleur de Lis Lace

    Pg 21
    Pink Roses

    Pg 23
    Swiss Dot Tangerine and Peach
    Swiss Dot Powder Blue and Poppy
    Violet and Purple Polka
    Periwinkle and Cobalt Polka
    Black Polka on Clear
    Magenta Polka
    Navy Dot
    Metallic Gold and White Circles

    Pg 24
    Turqouise Polka
    Green Blue Purple Missing Polka
    Small Multi Polka
    Bubble Polka
    White Stars on Pink
    White Stars on Blue
    Colorful Stars

    Pg 25
    Turquoise and White Horizontal Stripe
    Metallic Horizontal Stripe
    Skinny Purple
    Summer Splash
    Multi Horizontal Stripe

    Pg 27
    Lemon Quatrefoil
    Tangerine Ikat
    Emerald Ikat
    Blue Scales
    Summer Chevron
    Blue Chevron
    Multicolor Chevron
    Groovy Chevron
    Lollipop  Chevron

    Pg 28
    Hot Pink Herringbone
    Denim HerringboneHerringbone
    Pink and Silver Fishnet

    Pg 29
    Singin' in the Rain
    Peace Signs
    Newspaper on Mint

    Pg 30
    City Plaid
    Mint and Emerald Plaid
    Magenta and Silver Plaid
    Pink Lava
    Gold and Black Argyle
    Pink and Black Argyle
    Summer Argyle
    Ocean Marble

    Pg 31
    Neutral Paisley
    Burgundy Paisley
    Dark Blue Paisley
    Black and White Paisley
    Gray Paisley
    Honey Pie
    Fuschia Houndstooth
    Magenta Houndstooth

    Pg 32
    Pink Wave
    Heat Wave

    Pg 33
    Turquoise and Silver Crisscross
    Purple and Silver Crisscross
    Bright Greek Key
    Retro Blocks
    Exotic Paisley
    Pastel Diamond
    Geometric Peach
    Pulled Taffy
    Mint Triple
    Electric Eclipse

    Pg 34
    Blue Camo
    Green Camo
    Southestern Diamond
    Fall Southwestern Diamond
    Summer Southwestern Diamond

    Pg 35
    Skulls and Checks
    Pink and Black Check
    Black and White Swirls

    Pg 37
    Colorful Leopard
    Blue Leopard
    Purple Giraffe
    Taupe Feather
    Neutral Feather on white

    Pg 38
    Pink Zebra
    Purple Zebra

    Pg 39
    Desert Snakeskin
    Green Snakeskin
    Yellow Tiger
    Hot Pink Cow

    Pg 41
    In the Buff
    Cotton Candy

    Pg 42
    Wild Watermelon
    Coral Kiss
    Tangerine Dream
    Sweet Mint
    Totally Turqouise
    Electric Green
    In the Navy

    Pg 44
    Football Helmets

    Pg 45
    Softballs on Clear
    Tennis Balls on Clear
    Volleyballs on Clear

    Pg 46
    Make a Wish

    Pg 47
    Pink Peace
    Christian Fish
    Nodding Owl
    End of the RAinbow
    High Heels
    Baby Boy
    Baby  Girl
    British Flag
    Pink Ribbon
    Yellow Ribbon 

    I have added photos of many of these retiring styles to my Flikr feed:

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