Thursday, March 31, 2016

Home Parties Using the Purse Game

Fellow Founding Executive Halley shares how she does a home party!  See the video, then scroll down for the list!

Home Parties - YouTube: ""

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Please note, all page numbers are current for the Spring 2016 catalog

J - Jamberry, page 5 in the catalog

  • 1 sheet of each finish, pass them around
  • brief background of company
  • wrap facts
  • price and value proposition
A - Application, pages 44-45 nail and hand care (actual instructions are on the back of catalog)
  • overview of tools
  • blowdryer / mini heater demonstration
G - gel kit, pages 42-43
E - Exclusives
  • holiday and seasonal designs
  • premium wraps
  • join incentives
  • host incentives
  • stylebox (page 39)
  • (could also mention Nail Art Studio, page 37)
S - Star of the show, your hostess!
  • Show the host rewards for an average party
P - Parties
  1. Traditional / evening home party
  2. Daytime / Manis and Mimosas
  3. Work party - set up in break room for breaks or after work happy hour
  4. Theme parties (give examples)
  5. Fundraisers (give examples)
  6. Co-hosts (you cook she cleans!)
  7. Restaurant party
C - Consultant
  • Share your story, your why, #BecauseOfJamberry
  • What would you do with $100?  A month? A week?  A day?
D - demonstration
  • first any questions?
  • demonstration

Monday, March 21, 2016

Jamberry Leadership: What NOT to do

A very special thanks to Debbie Bird for this heartfelt and honest list!  This was shared in our Executive coaching group, but many of the concepts can be applied from day 1 as a new leader with your first team member!

  • Don't assume they "get it". Even when their WHY is to make $100,000 a year don't assume they will work for it or even grasp the effort it will take to get there.
  •  Never assume they will train their teams.
  •  Never assume they will not quit without ever telling you.
  •  Don't make excuses for them to their downline. The downline sees thru that immediately.