Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Many Parties Do I Need to Have?

There are many factors that go into a successful party and successful party plan business.  As you continue to learn and grow, each of these will become stronger, and your parties will be more effective (and more profitable!)

Use the interactive chart below to calculate your Jamberry Nails potential commission from parties, and to see how many parties you need each month to accomplish that goal.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The more you sell, the more you earn...

When you sell more, you make more with Jamberry Nails!  Everyone makes 30% commission on their personal sales.  

Earn Free Supply Credit for your Jamberry Nails Business!

When you sell more, not only do you make higher commissions, you also earn business supply credit that can be used to replace your consumable marketing materials (like brochures, catalogs and samples!)

Here is the breakdown for supply credit:

Is your audience engaged?

From Dana Wilde, originally posted at

Is your audience engaged?
Are you in a business where you have to do a presentation or engage an audience?

Well, guess what?  There is a short cut to doing that!

. . . And I reveal it in this two minute video . . .

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Out and About Marketing ideas


Did you know you can find business everywhere you go? Here are some ideas:

  • Wear your jams. It seems so simple...but many don't. Wear them loud and proud!
  • Do you see a group of ladies lunching or chatting over coffee? Find a reason to compliment the group and quietly ask if they've ever heard of Jamberry. Offer them a catalog or Host/Join brochure. Keep this short and sweet


Consultants should have at least a dozen reasons ready to roll out of their mouth on why someone should book a party for any given month.  To earn incentive trips, bonuses and more, you need to have a consistent party calendar. Hold at least two parties a week. By doubling your effort - you will double the payout.


20 Questions to ask yourself to explore why you may not be getting as many bookings as you’d like

20 Questions to ask yourself to explore why you may not be getting as many bookings as you’d like:
  • Do I keep my demo brief enough that I don’t overwhelm my guests?
  • If I were asked to do what I ask my Hosts to do, would I find the requests to be reasonable?
  • Do I mention our Host Rewards during my demo in a way that makes people want to book their own party?

MAGIC FORMULA for getting plenty of bookings

What is the MAGIC FORMULA for getting plenty of bookings?  
FUN & INFORMATIVE demos!  A crowd of 20 people all laughing and carrying on… and no bookings = a little too much fun.  It was just a party and they didn’t go away feeling they learned anything.  A quiet crowd, fighting to stay awake = too much like a lecture, and not enough interactive fun.  Find a comfortable balance between the two and you’ll do great!

What can you do when you need to get started or re-started from scratch?  (When newly beginning your business, or coming back after a leave or a move, or just after a slow spell)

What can you do as a seasoned Consultant to generate MORE bookings?

What can you do as a seasoned Consultant to generate MORE bookings?
  • Plant the seed of hosting a party right at the beginning.  Belinda Ellsworth has a great party opening:  “Hi, my name is Belinda, and I’ve been with JN for several years.  How many of you have never been to a Jamberry Nails demo before?  Great – you’re going to have such a good time!  I’m going to teach you how to save time and money on getting the hottest look for your fingers and toes.  Your biggest challenge will be which designs to choose.  If your wish list is more than your budget will allow, talk to me about having your own party and getting many of your items for free.  Where is your favorite place to shop? 



The key to booking a fuller calendar is to create a sense of urgency: “I only have two dates open”

At conference, Belinda Ellsworth taught to always know your next two available dates. The last thing you want to do is ask them when they want to have their party. Instead say, “my next two available dates are ________ and _________ . . . which would work best for you?"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

‘Back to School’ is an Opportune Time to Set Your Own Goals Too!

‘Back to School’ is an Opportune Time to Set Your Own Goals Too!
6/4/2012 6:57:50 PM by Jacqueline King
‘Back to School’ is an Opportune Time to Set Your Own Goals Too! 

by Jacqueline King 

Any time of year is a good time to set goals and start working towards them. However there are certain times of year when it feels very natural to set goals. One of these times is the New Year, and another is ‘Back to School’ time. 

What would you love to have achieved by December?

Increase Sales with "Mixing It Up" Theme Parties

Increase Sales with "Mixing It Up" Theme Parties

Photo by Carolina Fleurry & Bobbi Tatro
Get your digits looking oh-so-trendy by sporting the latest nail craze of mixing things up!

Join Us for a Regional Training

Join Us for a Regional Training

Jamberry Nails is dedicated in supporting our Consultants as they travel upward in the new career path and compensation plan. We are excited to announce that Jamberry will be coming to you with a few staff members from the Home Office! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

September, 2013 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

September, 2013 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

  • Classical Music Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Fall Hat Month
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month

Are You A Hunter or A Farmer?

Are You A Hunter or A Farmer?
By Nicole Bandes
Farmers, as opposed to hunters, must be much more patient. Rather than waiting for a day or two to bring home the bacon (or venison), a farmer must wait an entire season to bring in the bread. However, where as the hunter must go back out and hope he didn’t shoot the last of the game available (or scare them all off), the farmer can replant every year and get a whole new harvest.
In network marketing, there is a technique that is often passed on from upline to downline called the 3-foot rule. What this means is that anyone within 3 feet of a networker should hear about their business and products.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Two Truths Of Team Building

The Two Truths Of Team Building 
Originally posted 4/2/2013 10:43:52 AM by John Davis
Truth #1  Know Your Team on an Individual Basis
If I had to choose one of these truths to build on initially then this would be the one. People are far too anonymous these days. Even within families and in the workplace where we see each other every day, we don’t tend to connect on a real level with very many people. In fact, if you ask anyone they’ll probably tell you that their friends of their childhood years are far more memorable and meaningful to them than their present associates.
Now I’m not suggesting that you befriend everyone in your workplace in a deep, personal way. But a few extra moments of lingering after the necessary work-related communications have happened can open up a whole world of opportunities to learn about those within your workplace in a natural, non-threatening way.
Truth #2  Let Your Team Get to Know You
Most managers, supervisors and team leaders have an unreasonable sense of how they should hold themselves within the workplace. In our efforts to serve as a role model and a standard bearer we tend create a distance from the very same people who need to feel like they can come to us with their ideas and concerns. But who feels at ease in the shadow of Superman or Wonder Woman? Not very many people, that’s for sure. Team building efforts will never come together as effectively as possible if the leader is seen as unapproachable or too perfect.
So how should we combat this? I wouldn’t suggest for a minute that you do things that would lower your status in their eyes. But you can give them insights into who you are by being more of who you are at work. We all have lives outside of the office. Why not bring more of that to work? Do you have a favorite sports team? What kind of music do you like to listen to? Where have you been with your family recently?
Bring those things into your work environment so that your team can see who you are without having to come right out and ask you. Remember, it’s hard to get close enough to an icon to find out who he or she is. You’ve got to make those features about yourself accessible so that they can pick up on them without being too forward in finding out for themselves.
When you practice these two truths on a consistent basis along the road of team building you will find your team coming together more easily and more effectively. The power of getting to know one another within a work group can be the lubricant that eases the team through challenges that would stop a less cohesive group dead in their tracks. Which one do you want to be?
About The Author
Business writer, John Davis,

The Secret Ingredient to Success

The Secret Ingredient to Success

by Belinda Ellsworth
The Secret Ingredient to Success is (drum roll, please…) a schedule.
It’s true. It’s not glamorous, but it’s absolutely true.
I grew several Million Dollar organizations and my Training business while I was raising a family—that included crazy kid schedules, carpools, family struggles, a painful divorce and then the restructuring of our family life to create healthy, stronger relationships.

E-File Organization: Jamberry Photos

Noel's Tip

With the new catalog coming out soon - it's a great time to start out right with collecting your Jamberry "in action" photos. Watch this short tutorial of how I recommend organizing and storing your collection of photos for easy access :)  

Your "Elevator Speech" (a.k.a "30 Second Commercial)

Your "Elevator Speech" (a.k.a "30 Second Commercial)
from Belinda Elsworth
As you talk to people, you will often be asked, “What do you do?” Your response to that question should spark someone’s interest and create the desire to know more. This answer is your “30-Second Commercial,” which should be a simple conversation starter.
When asked, most people tend to state who they are, not what they do. “I’m a real estate agent,” rather than, “I help people find the home of their dreams.”

Summer Booking Success

Summer Booking Success

The more in demand you appear to be, the more in demand you will be. When a hostess is ready to book her party, offer her a choice of two or three of the next dates you want to fill. If she asks for something else, simply let her know that date is not available. You don’t have to explain why. Then, to show just how busy you are, you can offer to see if one of your team members has that date available. (Can you hear her gasping? Who ever heard of a consultant giving away parties?) 

Success Tip on Marketing

Success Tip on Marketing: While getting new business is an important part of growing you business and enjoying success, please remember your existing prospects and customers. 

If you've been putting all your marketing efforts into acquiring new customers, stop and diverts some of your resources into reselling, up-selling, cross-selling to your existing customer base. 

Use every means possible, the phone, social media, post photos, do customer care calls. Create life-time customers who not only purchase from you, but refer others to you by staying in touch and creating lasting relationships.

From 7-22-13 Consultant Newsletter

Send the Unexpected!

Send the Unexpected!

Training thoughts provided by The Success Factory and modified by Jamberry Nails 8/20/12

In these days of voice mail and email, a handwritten note is a powerful and unexpected way to help people remember you.

Getting Results!

Getting Results! 

From the Success Factory
Often it may feel as though we are doing all the right things and yet we are not getting the results from our business that we want (booking parties and signing new team members, etc.) Today, we encourage you to step outside of yourself for a moment and observe how you talk about your business to others. Are you “Announcing” or “Inviting”?  Language is powerful; and as new consultants we are excited about our businesses. When we are told to “talk to everyone” and “be excited”; this is not usually a difficult task. However, if you are talking too much and not getting any commitment, then perhaps you are not talking in a way that is effective. 
Here are some examples of Announcing vs. Inviting at a party:

Don't be Late!

Don't be Late! 

From the Success Factory
We all know how important coaching your hostesses is. We talk to her about all the ingredients necessary in order to make her party a success. How often, though, do we discuss the issue of “tardiness” with her? As consultants, (barring losing our way and unexpected traffic), we normally arrive ahead of the guests; giving us time to bring in our samples and get set up.  
And then, we wait… 

Direct Sales Dictionary for Beginners – Part 2

Direct Sales Dictionary for Beginners – Part 2

WomandictionaryIn the previous article we discussed 14 terms that anyone thinking of getting into a direct sales business of their own should be familiar with. This time we’re bringing you 11 more. These words and phrases, along with their definition will help you become more familiar with the terminology that will become part of your everyday life as a direct sales business owner.
Marketing: The way you present your products to the buyer. Marketing tends to go hand in hand with advertising.

Direct Sales Beginner’s Dictionary – Part 1

Direct Sales Beginner’s Dictionary – Part 1

TeamworkjjpgIf you’ve been thinking about joining a direct sales company, you’ve probably heard terms like up line, down line, cold calling, hostess, and more. These, along with others, may be words you’ve never heard used before. If you plan to join any direct sales company, it’s wise to learn these terms and what they mean to help you succeed even more at your business. Here’s the first half of the Direct Sales Beginner’s Dictionary.

Quick Tips for Overcoming Twitter's Block (works for Facebook too!)

Quick Tips for Overcoming Twitter's Block

By Linda Locke
You know that feeling you get when you can't think of a single thing to twitter about? The fear that hits you in the pit of your stomach when that blank 140 character box appears on your screen? You, my friend, are experiencing the dreaded Twitter's block and it can strike at any time. It's a lot like writer's block and left unchecked it could lead to a prolonged absence of tweets and twitter joy.

How to Beat the Summertime Business Blues

How to Beat the
Summertime Business Blues

By Linda Locke
It's the middle of summer and lots of people are singing the ain't got no business blues. But if you work it right, summer can be a wonderful time to get new business, make new contacts, and set some goals for the fall. Here's some ideas for kicking the summertime blues out of your life and making the most of the rest of the summer.

1.  First things first. Take some time off! 
 It may seem counter intuitive, but taking some down time is crucial to the health of your business.  A change of scenery, new experiences, and a chance to slow down and really relax will help you to recharge the little gray cells and increase your creativity.

Facebook "Marketing" Ideas

Here are some things you can do to generate interest on FB without seeming salesy:
  • Upload or share a pic with something "non salesy" like "Oh my - I think I'll have to order these too (or something that you would say to your girlfriends!) - Then when someone likes the pic or comments, post a little more. Your goal is to create interest and generate some leads, not to get people to click right then and shop - get them talking!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

S&H Charges for Business Supplies

Jamberry home office uses weight-based charges for shipping business supplies. Order forms and brochures are heavy items, so they cost more to ship.

The heaviest item of all?  Catalogs!  Guess what?  They ship for FREE!!! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Momentum the Secret Sauce to Success!

from the 8/5/2013 consultant newsletter:

One simple secret that will build your business faster than any other is MOMENTUM! Have you ever noticed that when things are going well in your business, there seems to be no stopping you? When you have a full calendar, everyone wants to book a show and you are overbooked. The more bookings you get, the more enthusiastic you become. The more enthusiastic and passionate you become, the more contagious you are – and what happens? Bookings increase. Party sales skyrocket. More people want to book demos and join your team.

Jamberry Nails Prospective Canadian Consultant Webinars.

Jamberry is hosting webinars for your Canadian Jamberry Consultant prospects!  Contact them privately and have them register for one of the available sessions.

Register for a session now by clicking a date below: 

Retiring Designs by Catalog Page

  • Retiring Designs by Catalog Page

    By Stacia Porter , Jamberry Independent Team Manager, shared on the leadership page :)
    To help boost your sales this month, highlight your catalogs with the retiring designs! Here's a list of retiring designs by page number in the catalog:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Break a State Challenge

-GLOW Girls Team 8-14-2013
Make yours @
Make yours @

This promotion will be ON-GOING!  Let's color the whole map Jamberry Plum!  I will give a free sheet of Jamberry to the first person to sponsor someone in a white state.  Check out your contacts to see who you know in: