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Direct Sales Dictionary for Beginners – Part 2

Direct Sales Dictionary for Beginners – Part 2

WomandictionaryIn the previous article we discussed 14 terms that anyone thinking of getting into a direct sales business of their own should be familiar with. This time we’re bringing you 11 more. These words and phrases, along with their definition will help you become more familiar with the terminology that will become part of your everyday life as a direct sales business owner.
Marketing: The way you present your products to the buyer. Marketing tends to go hand in hand with advertising.

National Sales Director: A sales director who has achieved the highest level of sales and recruits in the company throughout the nation.
In Jamberry this is "Executive" or above

Networking: Getting to know others. You network with other business owners, directors, potential customers and current customers.

Objection: The reason someone may refuse to buy your products or services. 
Recruiter or Sponsor: The person you sign up under when you become a direct sales business owner. This person is your team leader or upline. They normally make a commission percentage off of the sales you make.
Residual Income: Money that you earn over and over (usually monthly) when someone signs up for a recurring product or service through you.
There is no current plan for residual income with Jamberry.

Sales Director Team ManagerThe leader of a team of direct sales recruits. New direct sales business owners can find answers to their questions with their team’s leader. There is usually a certain amount of sales and/or recruits that have to be made in order to reach this level. 
Target market: A certain group of people the company or salesperson wishes to market products to.
Team Trainer Team ManagerThis person is responsible for training a team about the product the company sells. They have worked in the business for awhile and know the products and the company very well. 

Up Line: The person who signed you up is part of your up line in direct sales. The person who signed them up is also part of your up line. This goes on over various levels and your up line will normally make money from the sales their recruits (down line) make.
Warm Calling: Calling current or previous customers or those who have signed up to receive a call from the company. These calls are usually made to try and recruit sales or team members. 

The jargon varies somewhat between companies, but for the most part, the terms used are similar no matter which company you are working for.  In order to make the most of your business, it’s a good idea to learn these terms, along with their meanings and use them regularly.

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