Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quick Tips for Overcoming Twitter's Block (works for Facebook too!)

Quick Tips for Overcoming Twitter's Block

By Linda Locke
You know that feeling you get when you can't think of a single thing to twitter about? The fear that hits you in the pit of your stomach when that blank 140 character box appears on your screen? You, my friend, are experiencing the dreaded Twitter's block and it can strike at any time. It's a lot like writer's block and left unchecked it could lead to a prolonged absence of tweets and twitter joy.

But never fear, there is a cure. And it won't hurt, I promise. Here's my 7 quick tips to help you prime the pump and get your tweets flowing freely again.
  1. Ask a question. Think about anything in your business, job or life that's annoying you or that you'd like some help with and post a short question about it.
  2. Answer a question. Give back by sharing your knowledge and experience with the Twitterverse.
  3. Share an inspiring quote that is insightful or intriguing.
  4. Retweet something you found helpful or interesting.
  5. Share your love of something techie, such as your iPhone, Wii, Mac etc.
  6. Share a link to a blog post or other web resource that you found helpful.
  7. Join in the conversation. Find an interesting conversation and dive it.
See that wasn't too painful, was it? Just keep this short list handy and you'll never experience Twitter's block again!

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