Sunday, August 25, 2013

Increase Sales with "Mixing It Up" Theme Parties

Increase Sales with "Mixing It Up" Theme Parties

Photo by Carolina Fleurry & Bobbi Tatro
Get your digits looking oh-so-trendy by sporting the latest nail craze of mixing things up!
Many of our seasoned consultants are contacting their past host and customers to let them know about the new designs being released September 1st. We know that the excitement of being the "first to see" what's NEW is adding additional bookings to your calendar. But what if your contacts just hosted a party? How can you get them excited to turn around and do another party or invite past party guest to host a party when they just attended one? Offer a completely different kind of party! Watch your sales increase with a Mixing It Up theme party.

We encourage new consultants or first time host, to stick with a traditional Jamberry Nails party and save this more advanced theme for repeat host and customers. Offer something new and on trend for this Fall to entice repeat bookings and customer sales.

Another option is to offer Hostess only parties. Your past hosts are your VIP customers. A nice idea once you have regular bookings is to have a party in your home that is exclusively for previous hostesses and/or VIP customers. This will make them feel special, give them a chance to see what is new with Jamberry Nails and hopefully lead to more bookings and sales. This is a good way to boost your holiday bookings if you hold your party in September or October. It all comes down to good customer service. If a hostess has a good experience with her first home party and then continues to feel like a special customer she’s very likely to want to do it again.
Photos by Kristin Brooks

When it comes to accessorizing your digits, the fall 2013 season is bringing into the spotlight an array of combinations that have the power to compliment your wardrobe and show off your personality. The new catalog has a there's more" section which will offer multiple designs on the same sheet of nails. (Examples and training on this will be in next week's newsletter.) The options are limitless when it comes to nail art design and style when you mix and match your Jamberry wraps. It's easier than ever to help your customers feel like true nail art divas with mixing and matching patterns!

Dare to give your digits a bit of a style-over? Layer a French tip over a pattern to add some spice and elegance without much effort. Challenge yourself to bring out your inner nail artist. With a bit of practice you can create a statement that is all you and help your customers create one that is all theirs.

Photos by: Mary Flanagan & Alisha Buck

originally shared in the August 19 Jamberry Nails Consultant Newsletter

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