Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sample Follow Up

Here's what I send to ladies that I give a sample to!  (the hows and whys are below)

Hi Becky!  It was so nice to connect with you today at (Walmart, or wherever we met ;) )
 I hope that you LOVE Jamberry and I’m here to help in any way that you need!  Here is a link to the application video that I was telling you about: the top of the page are the written instructions, but if you’re a visual (girl like me!) the video is awesome!  It’s just a few minutes long and shows you exactly what to do (and how easy it is!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Right Left Game (and Across!)

To play this game in a party, give a gift to one of your party guests.  Tell them that as you read this story, they will pass the gift to the LEFT, RIGHT or ACROSS as you say each of those words.

Just a few years ago there were 3 sisters that liked to get their nails done! But, they had gotten tired of trying to find the RIGHT time so that nobody was LEFT out of going to the salon ACROSS town. They had to find a babysitter and the kids hated being LEFT behind! By time they finished at the salon they never had enough time or money LEFT to do much else! Which LEFT them frustrated!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How do I close a party and redeem my hostess’s rewards??

How do I close a party and redeem my hostess’s rewards??
See Jamberry University: Workstation 101: Lesson 6

Are you POISONING your business? 11 ways you might be!

**I know it is long but read all the way through-- will change your business!!!! **  

What to say/not say about your business

Remember to NEVER, EVER ASK! Here is what you are going to do - ONLY TELL! TELL! TELL!
Let's talk about POISON words vs. PERFORMANCE words!

How to sign up for Jamberry in Australia or New Zealand

It's here!  After months of anticipation, you can finally be a Jamberry Consultant!!!

So, how do you join?

First, you need some information!

Welcome to Jamberry Australia and New Zealand!!!

I am so excited to welcome our New Zealand and Australia consultants!!! I am all set up, cross-border sponsorship form completed and paid for, and eligible to pre-enroll!

If you are not already connected with a team, the ‪#‎GLOWGirlsRock‬ team would LOVE to welcome YOU! Message me at or register at

Or, connect with one of my front line leaders!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting Started with Jamberry in Australia and New Zealand

Here is a running overview of the most important things that we've shared in The GLOW Down Under Facebook group for the Australia and New Zealand consultants who are starting their Jamberry careers soon!!!  Want to know more about becoming a Jamberry Nails consultant and GLOW Girl? 

Start out organized...
How Do You Keep It All Organized?

The following topics links are in The GLOW Down Under private Facebook group for team members!

  • Products 101 from the Jamberry University 
  • Workstartion 101 from the Jamberry University
  • Daily income producing activities
  • Facebook party training
  • Instagram party training
  • Pinterest party training
  • Hostess coaching training
  • Application tips and tricks

Trendsetters (Australia and New Zealand Consultants):

First of the Month for Jamberry Leaders: Plan of Action

Beginning of the month LEADER tasks!
Third: Plan of Action
You need some sort of outline for how you will lead your team this month.
When will you train? What meetings will you attend/hold? What deadlines do your team members need to be reminded of?

Fortunately we have a great group of leaders who are willing to share and collaborate! I used the September IGA calendar that was shared on the leaders page to create daily posts for my Facebook groups. If you are on Tiny Torch (and you should be - it's free for Jamberry consultants!!!) you can "follow" my profile and easily re-post these daily activities to your team pages!  

Home or Online script -- Would You Rather?

Shared from a Jamsister - I do not have the forms that she uses
Home or Online script -- Would You Rather? Game and order form tips--
I’m going to show you just a few of our 400 or so Jamberry items, and YOU get to choose which ones by answering the now famous question of the evening – ‘Would You Rather’. Get ready to have some laughs with random ‘Would You Rather’ questions I toss in here and there. Don’t be shy to answer – you are among friends here, so just shout out your answer. The only rule is your answer can’t be ‘I don’t know’ or ‘neither!’
To add to the fun, I’m going to throw in a prize that one of you will win tonight! To choose the prize, just answer this:
Would You Rather take $5.00 off your order OR 1/2 sheet of Jams?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Incentive

I don't always do incentives, but when I do... They are awesome! 

I just can't help how excited that I am about this upcoming season of our Jamberry journey!! This new catalog....our new TruShine...Celebration holiday wraps....I just. can't even. Seriously.
And I feel so strongly about getting this product out there IN person, on hands, with YOU and your customers...all of it...the wraps..the gel...the Nourish...the EVERYTHING...that I'm going to do a TruShine giveaway!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First of the Month for Jamberry Leaders: Goals

Beginning of the month tasks...

Second: STOP what you are doing! Don't do one more thing until you set your own personal goals for the month. I want to see them, I want to help you! If you are new to goal setting - here are some tips:
They need to be SMART:

First of the Month for Jamberry Leaders: Recognition

Hello leaders! Beginning of the month tasks!!!

First: RECOGNITION! It is completely FREE to do shout outs! Recognize your team members, at all levels that you are TM for...