Sunday, September 13, 2015

How do I close a party and redeem my hostess’s rewards??

How do I close a party and redeem my hostess’s rewards??
See Jamberry University: Workstation 101: Lesson 6

BEFORE you start you will either need to already have the hostesses list of what she wants, Address and CC info OR have her on the phone while you check out. Unfortunately if you don’t go fairly quickly it will time out and you will have to start over.  (No there is no way for her to do her own CC info… some people choose to get a Paypal credit card and have the hostess send them paypal and pay with their credit card.)
  1. First click on the parties tab in your dashboard. Then click on the name of the party you’re closing and redeeming rewards for.
  2. Verify that the host information is correct, edit if necessary.  Next click the close party tab, then click on the parties tab again.
  3. The party will now be in the very bottom section. Click on it again.
  4. There will be a redeem hostess rewards button.   If your hostess plans to use part of her rewards towards a consultant kit the button for that is there too. After you click the button for kit credit a link will appear and you will need to send that link to your hostess {the link is good for 3 months}. You must do that BEFORE redeeming the rest of the rewards.
  5. Once you click on the redeem hostess rewards button you will see several columns. The first is for their free sheet of wraps. Add that first. Type it in and click the plus button. Next product credit. Use all of that the same way. Next is half offs…. Then % off. You will see that the hostess exclusives are already in the cart. When you are done entering product you will proceed to checkout.
If you make a mistake you will have to back out and start over at step 5. Everything will return as it was.

If for some reason it doesn’t restart your computer.  If that doesn’t work reset your cookies. 

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