Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are you POISONING your business? 11 ways you might be!

**I know it is long but read all the way through-- will change your business!!!! **  

What to say/not say about your business

Remember to NEVER, EVER ASK! Here is what you are going to do - ONLY TELL! TELL! TELL!
Let's talk about POISON words vs. PERFORMANCE words!

TOP 11 POISON WORDS - NEVER use these words to sell, share, sponsor, market or brand yourself - STOP ASKING!!! WHY? It will be the end of the road, sisters.
  1. "Will you help me get my business started?"
  2. "Will you help me reach my goal?"
  3. "Can you help me....?"
  4. "I need you to help me with....."
  5. "I am sorry to bother you, but...." (one of the WORST offenders!) NEVER apologize!
  6. "I know you are busy, but....."
  7. "Join my team" (baby vomit)
  8. "RECRUIT" (I just threw up in my mouth a whole lot more)
  9. "Not sure if you have ever heard of it..., but"
  10. "I am desperate..." (um, yeah you are!)
  11. "Want to host a Party?" (Noooo!!!! Hosting implies lots of work, and party sounds very direct sales-ish)

Here's the thing...if you want people to help you, then help them first! Don't ask for help until you are ready to give help. Check out the difference between the words above vs. the words below to prove my point.

TOP 10 PERFORMANCE WORDS! TELL! TELL! TELL! (this is me begging you to stop ASKING....I am on my hands and knees begging you....picture me shouting out TELL! TELL!)

Follow the yellow brick road of ya go!
  1. "You need to know about these AMAZING nail wraps I just discovered!"
  2. "You and your friends MUST be made aware of this and end your boring nails life!"
  3. "Let me help you share the best chip free nail secret with your friends!"
  4. "Try this out and let me know what you think of it! I guarantee you will LOVE it or I will give you your money back!"
  5. "I need your advice and would love your feedback on this design! Take a look at this accent nail as I apply it"
  6. "You need to do this with me!" "You would be great at this!" "We would have a blast doing this together!" "I'm so happy having so much fun with this! I just tell you about it!"
  7. "Have you ever found something you just can't keep to yourself and want to let every girl know about?"
  8. "Stop wasting your hard earned pennies on salon manis and pedis! I have to tell you about these $4 manis/pedis I am obsessed with!"
  9. "It's just good girl karma to share this....I would go to girlfriend hell if I didn't"
  10. "You always look fabulous. You need to know about this...."
  11. "Lets do a catalog party for you and your friends!" "Let's set up a mani/pedi night for you and your friends" "Why don't we set up a quick and easy nail bash for you and your friends to get some great, new stuff!"
OK, so who is ready to STOP the ASKING and START the TELLING!
See the difference?
One is weak! The other is STRONG!
One is desperate. The other is CONFIDENCE!
One is weird. The other is COOL!
Don't be weird, desperate or creepy!! Be AMAZINGLY CONFIDENT!
It's JUST NAIL WRAPS! It's FUN! Believe in what you are doing! Believe in YOU! I do! Exude PASSION! Passion is contagious! Read, memorize, plagiarize the above...and SOAR!


  1. Ooooh - this is GOOD. I needed to hear a lot of what you're saying. I will start applying it to my Jamberry business now ;o) Thanks for sharing!

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