Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Right Left Game (and Across!)

To play this game in a party, give a gift to one of your party guests.  Tell them that as you read this story, they will pass the gift to the LEFT, RIGHT or ACROSS as you say each of those words.

Just a few years ago there were 3 sisters that liked to get their nails done! But, they had gotten tired of trying to find the RIGHT time so that nobody was LEFT out of going to the salon ACROSS town. They had to find a babysitter and the kids hated being LEFT behind! By time they finished at the salon they never had enough time or money LEFT to do much else! Which LEFT them frustrated!

Now they brain stormed LEFT and RIGHT.... They needed just the RIGHT product for everyone! But first they needed the RIGHT name..... And there it was, LEFT on the table, their children's Favorite book... JAMBERRY it was Perfectly RIGHT!!

All that was LEFT were the RIGHT details. Made in the USA was a Must – nothing from ACROSS the ocean! Affordable RIGHT at home would be perfect! Long Lasting..... Yes ! Can be LEFT on fingers for up to 2 weeks and LEFT for 5 weeks or longer on toes! No more nasty odors LEFT in the air voted the husbands!! No more dry time is an obvious request for all!! No chipping LEFT in sight was what would make these RIGHT over the top! The only thing LEFT.... is to make sure these are safe for all, so RIGHT away they decided they must be NON TOXIC!

Hosting a party is the RIGHT way to go if you like to have an excuse to have a good time, sit ACROSS from friends and earn some FREE nail designs!! NO nails should be LEFT out! It is not RIGHT for nails to be Naked!! So let’s get Jammin! All you have to do is invite the RIGHT friends and make sure nobody is LEFT out. Just some drinks and some treats will be just perfectly RIGHT!

Just think women like us can make the RIGHT kind of money selling these amazing Jamberry's RIGHT in homes for all to see!! Fun get togethers are the way to share these and help others be LEFT with more spending money! Selling Jamberry is just RIGHT for all ages and to think you can cut half the price RIGHT off your starter kit by having a party! Walk RIGHT out your door already advertising your amazing nail designs on both your RIGHT and LEFT hands as you run errands all ACROSS town! Picking the RIGHT hours for you and your family! Earning money the fun way by doing something as RIGHT as Selling Jamberry! Think RIGHT and Dream Big for Jamberry can make it happen! You can start RIGHT away by earning bonuses and incentives and you have Jamberry and Myself RIGHT next to you, training you so you’re never LEFT behind!

But be warned.... These are so addicting that the hardest part of Jamberry is trying to decide which design to put on your RIGHT hand and which to put on your LEFT!

Soooo for RIGHT now, I want you to look at the lady ACROSS from you, then to your RIGHT and then to your LEFT to see who wins this gift RIGHT now!!!

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