Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to sign up for Jamberry in Australia or New Zealand

It's here!  After months of anticipation, you can finally be a Jamberry Consultant!!!

So, how do you join?

First, you need some information!

  • Tax File Number
  • Your sponsor's website, name and/or consultant ID#
    Example: Founding Premier Executive Noel Giger, Consultant ID#17534
  • Your desired web alias
    This is the part of the replicated Jamberry website that is unique to you!
  • The 3 wraps you want to order with your kit
    Jamberry will send you 1 sheet of wraps automatically - you'll need to choose your other 3/  I recommend you include a Juniors wrap (so you can show the size comparison) and then the other 2 wraps should be in finished other than glossy (consider matte and sparkle!)
  • Your payment method
    You will need to use a credit card, or a debit card with the MasterCard / Visa logo to pay for your Jamberry Nails starter kit.

Once you've got all your information, 
  1. Go to your sponsor's website, or to the Jamberry official website (Australia:  New Zealand:
  2. Click on Join, and verify that your sponsor's information is correct
  3. Complete all requested information, including your web alias, 3 wrap selections and payment
  4. Enjoy being a Jamberry consultant!
Just kidding - we don't leave you hanging there!  You will have immediate access to your back office - so you can begin learning and sharing your new business!

Please note:  If you are signing up during the pre-enrollment period, you will not be able to order or sell products until October 1

For more information, join in on our GLOW Girls Group page!

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  1. Your information and leadership is amazing, thankyou :)