Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sample Follow Up

Here's what I send to ladies that I give a sample to!  (the hows and whys are below)

Hi Becky!  It was so nice to connect with you today at (Walmart, or wherever we met ;) )
 I hope that you LOVE Jamberry and I’m here to help in any way that you need!  Here is a link to the application video that I was telling you about: the top of the page are the written instructions, but if you’re a visual (girl like me!) the video is awesome!  It’s just a few minutes long and shows you exactly what to do (and how easy it is!)
 Below that is a tips and tricks video… most people can use Jamberry with the regular instructions, but if you have any trouble, then the tips and tricks video can help… of course that’s MY job too – so PLEASE let me know what you think and what questions you have!  I would LOVE to see a picture of your JAMicure!  You can post it to any of my social media or text it to me at 469-583-4604
  1. You want to REMIND them where you met - you may be unforgettable, but they are probably BUSY!  They might have even forgotten about the sample you gave them!  Plus, it's just good manners!
  2. You want to SERVE them, and help them know right from the start that they are more than their wallet!
  3. Give them the link to YOUR site, or YOUR application video.  Don't send them to YouTube where they will get distracted by cat videos (or worse, another consultant's awesome channel and then they shop from them, even if by mistake!)
  4. TELL them what they are looking at.  Help to set the expectation.  If they go to your page and only see the application instructions, not the video, they won't feel good about you!  They might not scroll down!
  5. Make sure to #BeUnique and #BeCreative - let your personality shine through your written communications.  You can be professional and still be FUN!
  6. Give them your contact information - even if it's in the email footer.  Even though it's on your website.  Even though you gave them a card... Make it EASY for them to find you!

So... let's talk about follow up!
Take a look at the numbers in the graphic above.  Now, read them again!  Let that sink in...

80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact.  Are you in it to win it?  Then you need to COMMIT TO FOLLOW UP.  Social media makes this SO much easier!  Here are some ways to connect:
  1. Friend them on Facebook, Ask (ASK!!!!) if you can add them to your next party, event or VIP group
  2. See more tips for Maximizing your Time on Facebook here!
  3. Follow them on Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, etc. (they will probably follow you back!)
  4. Like and comment on their posts.  Do NOT drop links to your shopping site.  Do NOT mention Jamberry at all.  Be a real person (I know - brilliant, right?)  No more than 3 per day - and don't do them all at once.  No need to set off stalker alerts ;)
  5. Send them a text message or email asking how they liked the sample!  If they don't respond... Don't give up!  In the next message - tell them
"I know you're busy, and I sure don't want to bug you... but, I wouldn't be doing my "job" if I didn't ask how you liked the sample!  Did you try it?  Need some help?  Got questions?  If I don't hear back from you - I'll check in again in a few days!  (And if you've decided it's not for you for some reason - please let me know so I won't bug you!  LOL)
Then do what you said... check back in every few days until they tell you to stop :)  You've already warned them, if they are bugged, it's their own fault!  LOL
When they tell you they tried it and had trouble - TROUBLESHOOT.  That's your job!

When they tell you they tried it and didn't like it - offer them a discount on their purchase of any other item, as a thank you for trying :)

When they tell you they tried it and liked it - contain yourself!  Don't go cray-cray and vomit Jamberry purple on them!  You could say:

"YAY!  I'm so glad that you loved it!  There are several ways to get more Jamberry awesomeness...   1. You can "join" as a consultant and get a 30% commission on all your personal addition (oops, I mean purchases LOL) 2. You can "host" a party with your friends and family and YOU get to shop at a discount - super fun and easy to do, it's nails!  Who doesn't want to drink wine and play nails?  or 3. Be a spoiled rotten VIP customer... I can send you a catalog or a link to my website to shop.    Which one of these would be the best for you right now?"

  1. You are sharing YOUR excitement
  2. Lead with the opportunity.  If that's a "no", then the hosting is next.  If that's a "no" then she can always say YES to shopping.  If you lead with shopping, and that's a "no" - there isn't anywhere else to go :)  It's psychology... if she's said "no" twice (even just in her head) then she will WANT to say yes to something
  3. And then follow up some more... no answer?  Don't give up! 
  4. Check back in with them - ask how you can serve them.  Ask how often they would like to be contacted. ASK - if you don't ask, the answer is always NO!

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