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Home or Online script -- Would You Rather?

Shared from a Jamsister - I do not have the forms that she uses
Home or Online script -- Would You Rather? Game and order form tips--
I’m going to show you just a few of our 400 or so Jamberry items, and YOU get to choose which ones by answering the now famous question of the evening – ‘Would You Rather’. Get ready to have some laughs with random ‘Would You Rather’ questions I toss in here and there. Don’t be shy to answer – you are among friends here, so just shout out your answer. The only rule is your answer can’t be ‘I don’t know’ or ‘neither!’
To add to the fun, I’m going to throw in a prize that one of you will win tonight! To choose the prize, just answer this:
Would You Rather take $5.00 off your order OR 1/2 sheet of Jams?

How do you win this prize? Easy! The person with the most tickets of course! Inside your catalog is a Jamberry Order Form, AKA ‘Wish List’ – go ahead and take it out. Anyone who completes the green highlighted sections of their form wins tickets. The first highlighted section is located in the upper left corner. You get one ticket for every ‘Are You Interested In’ question answered. For example:
  • ‘Are You Interested In’ Hosting your own awesome theme night party with your girlfriends? Check it!
  • ‘Are You Interested In’ staying up to date with Jamberry monthly specials and other deals? Check that you want Jamberry news. This is a great way to become one of my VIPs who I share special information and invitations.
  • ‘Are You Interested In’ Knowing more about becoming a Consultant like me? Watch me tonight and see how much fun I’m having and how easy this is and Check it!
  • ‘Are You Interested In’ Sharing the name of someone who would love Jamberry? I have an awesome referral program I call “Who Do You Know?” Share with me who might be interested in being a Hostess or part of my team, and if they hold a party or become a team member, you will get any one Jamberry item for 20% off. OR simply take some of my business card mini catalogs to pass out to your friends who you think will be interested. If they contact me within one week and give me your name, you will get one item at 20% off at their party.

  • The next Highlighted Section of the form is a great place to keep track of your Wish List of Jamberry Items and a great way to get tickets! You get a ticket for each item you write down. So even if you aren’t going to buy them all or even any today, write them down. (Hostess name), what is on your wish list?

NOTE: Towards the end of the party Hostess will distribute tickets earned while I tally up the auction.

Each of you is on their way to being our winner tonight! Let’s get started with ‘Would You Rather’…

*Would You Rather enjoy something sweet or salty? (Frosting lacquer pg 42) or (Paparazzi pg 42)
*Would You Rather drink tea or coffee (Tea Time pg 16 $15) (Latte gel pg 45 $20)

COMMERCIAL: PASS AROUND FLYER and discuss the gel system. Introduce all gel colors; emphasize building a bundle for the Holidays.

*Would You Rather visit the desert or sail the seas? (Desert Dusk pg 11) (Sailing Seas pg 11)

Would You Rather Have one wish granted now OR 3 wishes granted in ten years?

*Would You Rather be Little Red Riding Hood or a Native American princess? (Sly as a Fox pg 31) (Lil' Sedona pg 33) 

*Would You Rather Be 3 feet shorter OR 3 feet taller?

*Would You Rather give or receive?

COMMERCIAL: With our Commitment to Charity wraps, Jamberry Gives Back! It is likely everyone here has been touched by autism and your purchases will help. Thank you so much!

*Would You Rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years at any age you choose, or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?

*Would You Rather carry a large or small purse? (Get Away Lacquer pg 42) (Au Natural p42)

*Would You Rather Be a dragon or own a dragon

*Would You Rather be surprised or secure? (Butterfly Bliss pg 27) (Glided Leopard pg 28)?

Would You Rather Have something in your eye OR need to sneeze but never be able to, for a year?

*Would You Rather get the Stylebox or TruShine Gel kit (Stylebox subscription pg 41 $75/$140/$275) (TruShine Gel pg 44 $120)?

  • As a Hostess with only a $400 party you could get $80 in product credit and 5 half off items! OR with a $1000 party you receive $250 in product credit and 5 half off items. Every month Jamberry honors hostess with special exclusive designs for FREE. I’d love sharing a few reasons why you might want to consider having your own friend’s night out party with Jamberry!
  • Alongside our catalog, we offer fun theme parties for you to have a blast with your friends and that make being a hostess a breeze! (Pass around theme party book)
  • For those who want to include friends from outside your area, we also offer interactive Facebook parties, website orders and catalog parties!
  • I’m having a contest for my next 10 Hostesses to be in a drawing for a $30 shopping Spree and I’d love for you to be the big winner!

*Would You Rather go through a whole day with a very visible stain on your clothes or with lipstick on your teeth?

*Would You Rather decorate your home in November or December for Christmas? (Fall Fever holiday design) (Christmas socks holiday designs)

I realized JOY is my Why. Jamberry simply brings me joy. But it goes deeper than that. It also gives me a flexible schedule with my family. *Others – Jamberry allows me to serve others by providing my hostesses & customers with excellent products and quality service, work with other small business owners, mentor team members who want to expand and grow personally and professionally, and give women a much needed time away to laugh and find their own joy. *Jamberry allows me to be creative, have fun with girlfriends, earn $ for my family and others.

*Would You Rather have an extra $400/month to spend however you wish, OR would you pay towards a specific item like your child’s club sports fees, make your car or house payment, or your Retirement?

COMMERCIAL: (PASS AROUND FLYER to Share Jamberry Consultant Opportunity)
  • I know many of you think I’m in the party business and I am! I love giving women a break from all of life’s responsibilities to get together for some girlfriend time. I find such JOY with Jamberry! But I bet we all know someone who doesn't have money left at the end of their month, or someone who is divorced and doesn’t receive a dime of child support, or is simply tired of working in a corporate job 50 plus hours a week in a toxic environment. 
  • Whether you’re interested in earning a vacation, or perhaps interested in starting a fund for college or even your own retirement, or if you want to enjoy the extras of life – I’d be happy to share more of the Jamberry opportunity. Here is my “Think About It” bottle. Feel free to take one and we can set up a fun coffee date. Don’t worry – it’s just a conversation, not a commitment.
  • But, to sweeten the pot, I want you to know that you can join Jamberry for as little as $99 with our Starter Kit. This gets you all the business supplies, 4 sheets of Jamberry, heater and application with oil. OR, you can wait to pay for your starter kit by having your own launch party and get $25 or $50 off your kit. Easy and Fun!
  • I’m looking for talent scouts to refer friends that would be a perfect fit with Jamberry. NOW is the perfect time to start your Jamberry career. Don’t forget my “Who Do You Know” Referral program. You get one Jamberry item for 20% off with any successful referral. It pays to be a talent scout!

  • Do any of you have any questions? I’m giving out bonus tickets for any question you may have about my Jamberry career. You can ask anything – how long I’ve been with Jamberry, what I spend my earnings on, how many parties I get to go to/week - anything! (Personally hand out tickets to each person who asks a question).

  • Are you having fun?
  • What’s your favorite items on your Wish List? What do you like about it?
  • Look at the ‘Are You Interested In’ answers from the Order Form.
  • Let’s get it free! I’d love to spoil you and your friends with one of my theme parties. You would be so much fun Host with! (Pick a party date, schedule in person hostess coaching discuss, and choose her Theme party)
  • Jamberry News: Would you like to be in my VIP group? I’d love to invite you to future VIP events and keep you posted on specials
  • Know more about being a consultant? – Take a information packet, and tell them you will follow up in 48 hours to set up a coffee date to discuss.
  • Sharing the name of someone who would love Jamberry: “Who Do You Know”? Refer a friend and get 25% one item at their party or once they join.
  • Reminder: Did they want to get a bundle package?

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