Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First of the Month for Jamberry Leaders: Recognition

Hello leaders! Beginning of the month tasks!!!

First: RECOGNITION! It is completely FREE to do shout outs! Recognize your team members, at all levels that you are TM for...

  • New Consultants
  • Team Builders
  • Top in sales
  • club active
  • club 500 PRV
  • TM+ PRV
  • Club 1000 PRV 
  • (and more if you have higher sellers!)
  • On track for travel
  • incentive earners
  • Fast start achievements
  • rank advancements
  • most parties
  • first parties
  • stepping outside comfort zones
  • MVP team supporter

You get the idea! Recognize, Recognize, Recognize!
I use ribbet.com to make my graphics.
You can send congrats in many ways - consider using at LEAST 2:
  • email congrats through the workstation (I do this as the achievement is made, while I am checking reports throughout the month)
  • shout out on the team page(s)
  • shout out on their personal page
  • postcard in the mail
  • gift in the mail (for larger achievements)

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