Wednesday, August 7, 2013

S&H Charges for Business Supplies

Jamberry home office uses weight-based charges for shipping business supplies. Order forms and brochures are heavy items, so they cost more to ship.

The heaviest item of all?  Catalogs!  Guess what?  They ship for FREE!!! 

S&H charges:

Order forms: $10.50
Samples: $2.80
Postcards: $3.15
Postcards (3 pack): $7.50
Host/Join Brochures: $4.55
Gift Envelope (24 pack): $3.75
Logo Nail Wrap: $2.45

The maximum shipping and handling/processing fee is $15.00.  I recommend that you order everything at once to save on shipping.  If you have local team members, you can also combine your orders!  Please note, the business supply credits cannot be used on combined orders, tax or shipping charges!

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