Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MAGIC FORMULA for getting plenty of bookings

What is the MAGIC FORMULA for getting plenty of bookings?  
FUN & INFORMATIVE demos!  A crowd of 20 people all laughing and carrying on… and no bookings = a little too much fun.  It was just a party and they didn’t go away feeling they learned anything.  A quiet crowd, fighting to stay awake = too much like a lecture, and not enough interactive fun.  Find a comfortable balance between the two and you’ll do great!

What can you do when you need to get started or re-started from scratch?  (When newly beginning your business, or coming back after a leave or a move, or just after a slow spell)
  • Make your LIST OF 100.  List everyone you know and don’t stop calling till you’ve checked off every name.
  • “Fake it till you make it!”  Give the illusion of a busy calendar, even if you’re not entirely busy.  People want what they can’t have… “I just have a couple more dates open for next month…”
  • Contact the Chamber of Commerce to see about booths at local trade shows/craft fairs, AND for a list of your area’s non-profit groups… contact them to offer yourself as a free speaker or to help them
  • Organize a fundraiser. 
  • Go online and Google Fairs & festivals in the town you live in & surrounding areas. Contact them and reserve your table. Ask your director for help with the booth.
  • Host an Open House/Mystery Host party: invite all your neighbors & everyone with whom you come in contact.
  • Wear the wraps everywhere you go! Mix & Match for even more attention, questions and comments about your nails. 
  • Have info ready and ASK for theirs.
  • Have the JN logo decal on your vehicle.
  • Who’s getting married?  Offer Bridal Showers to family & friends who are engaged.  Share the possibilities of the Nail Art Studio for the bridal party. Ask Bridal and Tux shops if you can leave shower information and your business card at the shop.
  • Contact out-of-town friends/family to host Catalog or online parties.

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