Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Booking Success

Summer Booking Success

The more in demand you appear to be, the more in demand you will be. When a hostess is ready to book her party, offer her a choice of two or three of the next dates you want to fill. If she asks for something else, simply let her know that date is not available. You don’t have to explain why. Then, to show just how busy you are, you can offer to see if one of your team members has that date available. (Can you hear her gasping? Who ever heard of a consultant giving away parties?) 

Most hostesses will want to book with the consultant  they know, so they will pick one of your dates. If not, this is a great way to help new recruits fill their calendars. You still benefit from the party. But if you are so booked that you will offer to give away a party, they will also be less likely to cancel on you, knowing that it will be difficult to get a new date scheduled on your calendar. Everyone will want to do their parties with you. They will see you as successful and will be more interested in joining your team. And soon, you will be as busy as you desire to be.

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