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What can you do as a seasoned Consultant to generate MORE bookings?

What can you do as a seasoned Consultant to generate MORE bookings?
  • Plant the seed of hosting a party right at the beginning.  Belinda Ellsworth has a great party opening:  “Hi, my name is Belinda, and I’ve been with JN for several years.  How many of you have never been to a Jamberry Nails demo before?  Great – you’re going to have such a good time!  I’m going to teach you how to save time and money on getting the hottest look for your fingers and toes.  Your biggest challenge will be which designs to choose.  If your wish list is more than your budget will allow, talk to me about having your own party and getting many of your items for free.  Where is your favorite place to shop?  (Say, it’s Target)  Say I have a $100 gift certificate and I want to give it to each of you.  The only thing you have to do is you have to spend it in the next couple months and you have to spend it all at once.  Is there anyone here who couldn’t do that?  Ok, great!  That is what our Host could receive tonight, and each of you could have that too, by hosting your own Jamberry Nails party… my hosts save an average of $100 or more.”
  • At the beginning of every demo, ask guests to list designs or products they’d like to have.  That way, at the end of your party, you can refer back to their “Wish List” and ask those with long lists to consider hosting their own party to get many of them free or discounted.
  • CROSS-SELL products to leave them wanting it all. ACTIVITY:  Explain cross-selling; start them off then go around the room until everyone has cross-sold a related product to whatever came before their turn.
  • Talk about the SPECIALS or HOST EXCLUSIVES for the month you most need to fill.
  • Utilize the bookings benefit. 
  • DON’T CARRY TOO MUCH STUFF!  Keep it simple… You don’t want to appear as if you’re moving into your host’s home…. And you don’t want to take so little that you don’t have an interesting display. 
  • Let it be known that you don’t have to do the party in a home.  Let everyone know that all you need is a card table and access to an electric outlet.
  • Use a BOOKINGS BINDER.  This is an album that pictures different Theme party options, Host Benefits flyer, and some actual earnings from real hosts (add visuals).
  • Use DOOR PRIZE SLIPS.  If you don’t like the exact wording on the company slips, make your own.  Pass them out at the end of your demos as you talk to each guest and invite them to host a party with you.  Tell them to check the box or come talk to you about a booking their own party. 
  • Have your available dates highlighted in your calendar, and be ready with Host Packets for same-month demo dates.  When someone books a party, write the date on her sales receipt, and better yet, write the date on a catalog she’ll take home with her.
  • Guest hesitant to set an actual party date?  Ask to pencil them in a date on your calendar ( Have the dates you want to work already highlighted, or Post-It Flags) give them a Post-It with your phone # and the party date on it , then confirm with them the next day when they can look at their calendar.  (Write demo date on one of your business cards; just like the dentist gives you a card with your next appt date written on it before you leave the office.)
  • Commit to the 3-2-1 success plan (Three live contacts a day;  2 parties a week; sponsor 1 new recruit a month). To jump-start a new or renewed business, do a BLITZ MONTH:  Commit to booking and holding 10 demos during a single month, and the residual bookings you will get will start the ball rolling and you most likely will not have to ask for bookings again.
  • Wear Jamberry logo wear.

Make a full-year calendar Booking Chart
This exercise will help remind us to THINK AHEAD when it comes to bookings.  Learn to mention events/ holidays/specials occasions that are coming up in the next month or two, for the months you need to fill.  (Brainstorm with the group and quick list of at least 2 items for each month of the year, using a flip chart or marker board).  Start with next month and continue through the entire year, list 2 or more happenings for each month that a JN party would have a solution for.  Google search "National Days" and create a theme party to go with it (This is a fun exercise you could do at your training)   Once your list for the whole year is complete… teach consultants how to take what’s happening a couple months down the road and turn those events into bookings now!  Always be thinking ahead and your calendar will always be full. 

Catalog or Online parties - Icing on the Cake
Our primary business comes from live demos, but for those who cannot host a party in their home or office, and who have a circle of people who are familiar with JN, catalog or online parties are the perfect solution. 
  • Keep in contact with Catalog or online host very closely, as you would any other party, don’t just give them the materials and expect them to do everything themselves.
  • Set aside time to coach them just as you would live parties. Connection here is key. One call should do it, maybe a quick closing reminder message a day before your closing date.
  • One week will do, don’t let it go too long you’ll most likely be sorry.
  • Offer an incentive to reach a certain dollar amount or collect a certain number of orders.  Certain times of year, you may offer an extra special… especially if you’re getting ready to move, or have a baby… catalog and online parties may be the bulk of your calendar temporarily. 
  • Decide when to close the party right when you send or deliver the party packet. Repeat this date at least 3 times while coaching your host.

REMEMBER TOO that when your hosts has a successful party with bookings, ASK HER to join your team.  Most consultants were hosts first, so SHARE THE BOOKINGS with your host to help her get started.  You’ll not only be growing your personal business with increased bookings, but also growing your TEAM with increased recruiting success.

“Success is no accident.  Success is always the result of our best efforts. It is the result of investing time, energy, careful thought, and hard work. It is the result of getting started, taking action, making mistakes, learning from them, and trying again. “ 

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