Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Checklist for Fast Start #1

Time Frame: 
By the end of your Join Month + 1 Month

Start Date _______

My 1st Fast Start needs to be completed by: ________
Example: If you joined November 2nd, you would have until December 31st to complete your 1st Fast Start.
If you joined November 30th, you would have until December 31st also.

1 party of 150 PRV
Date party closed _________

500 PRV in sales during your 1st Fast Start period
Join month sales ________
Next month's sales ________
Total Sales __________

Add your first team member!
Date team member joined: _________

$75 in product credit
Plus... You'll earn at least $175 in commissions!

What's Next?
Fast Start #2
It starts as soon as you achieve Fast Start #1 - any any extra PRV or team members "roll over" and apply to #2

Fast start rewards granted as gift certificates.  You receive $75 USD/$90 CAD retail product credit when you achieve your first fast start or $100 USD/$120 CAD when you achieve your second fast start or become a triple fast start achiever. The gift certificates operate just like a gift certificate that you purchase. However, since they are not purchased, they do not generate PRV. When applied to an order they work just like a gift certificate. They can be used to buy retail items and can be applied to shipping and taxes. Like other gift certificates, when applied to an order they do not add to the party total. You can use the gift certificate on a "Regular," "Party," or "Inventory" order, but not on "Personal Discount" or "Marketing/Promo" order.