Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello? Is anybody there

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Subject - Hello? Is anybody there?
Last Thursday, I picked up our home phone and could barely hear the dial tone due to an annoyingly loud buzzing sound on the line. When I attempted to place a call, the buzzing was there and when people called us, it was nearly impossible to tell who was on the other line because the buzzing was so loud.

The easiest solution would have been to call the phone company (from my cell phone of course) - give the operator my phone number and tell her there was a buzzing on the line - please fix it. However, in the world of technology - technology that is there to…what?…oh yes, to streamline our life - somehow it isn't that easy.
Find the phone book and dig around until you find the toll free repair number and Dial - there will be a short wait so you can listen to our commercial messages interspersed with lovely Muzak. Did you know that you can go online and try to get your solution and not have to hold? Our website is (more Muzak - is that really Green Day?) Ahhh the phone rings (NOW I'll get the live person) - but the computer conversation begins - do you speak Spanish? (Push #1 if you do). Is the problem you are having with DSL (Push 1), Cable (Push 2), Cellular Service (Push 3), telephone line (Push 4). If this is a business line, push 1, a home business push 2, a residential line push 2. Are you calling from that line right now(would I be calling you if I was?)… say Yes or No or push 1 for Yes or 2 for No. What is the phone number you are having trouble with (please press the keypad with your ten digit phone number including area code). Now you said that number is 555-555-5555 is that correct? (press 1 for Yes and 2 for No) What type of trouble are you having (Press 1 for no dial tone, 2 for buzzing on the line, 3 for ...). If we need to speak with you, what phone number can we use to reach you (if this is your only available phone line - bummer - please bring a pillow and blanket to the phone booth near your home- this might take a while) - please use the keypad to enter that number including area code…you said that number is….please Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No. Are you aware that you can possibly fix this problem yourself, because if we have to send the phone guy out to fix it for you then we might have to charge you $77.50 for his time and effort if he has to come into your house. Please press 1 if you would like the directions on checking the phone line yourself or press 2 if you want to “chance it” and have us try to fix it without entering your home in which case we won't charge you a thing…THANK YOU for using our automated repair service - we pride ourselves on technology - your phone will be fixed by next Wednesday at 8pm - we hope this is not inconvenient - hopefully you don't need to be in touch with anyone for about a week or so.

Aren't you glad to be working in a business where people matter? Be brave - come out from behind your computer - pick up the phone - build a relationship - earn a customer for life.
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