Friday, July 11, 2014

How to get a free booth at a carnival

Almost every PTA, school, church, sports organization... does carnivals. It may be for fundraising, it may be to celebrate something, but almost all of them do it.
Attach a piece of candy to this coupon as your hand-out :)
I have these printed at Walgreens photo as 4*6 pictures.  Full color for 5-10 cents each :)
If it's a fundraiser, the booth fee as a vendor is usually anywhere from $25 - $500 - depending on the organization. Would you like to have a FREE BOOTH?

Contact the chair-person of the event and offer your SERVICES for FREE. For Jamberry ladies, that means:
Thanks for contacting me!  My team of Jamberry GLOW Girls is looking for opportunities to give back and serve our communities.  We will come to your event, set up a fun table for girls and moms and provide FREE Manicures! They will have the option of doing an accent nail with our beautiful Non-Toxic, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly Nail Wraps and/or a full manicure with our 5-Free Professional Nail Lacquer (Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin Free).  All of these products are safe for children and the girls LOVE getting glammed up!

We will provide all the supplies and even candy or a prize giveaway - all at no charge as our donation to your school event.

May I send you a sample and some information about our products?
Want to spice it up even more?  Find a hair shop to come do braids and glitter spray, a Jewelry rep to bring serious bling and a photographer... the digital photos will be EMAILED to the parents (along with a thank you note and all providers contact info!)

Notice that I've carefully worded it so that there is no guarantee that we are performing manicures.  In Texas, as long as you are not charging for the service, it is OK to apply the wraps and lacquer to someone.  You will need to check with your individual state.province regulations ;)

NOTE: you are not selling... you are serving and connecting, which will lead to sales and parties.  Have a spiral notebook under the table - if a mom asks if you can come do her daughter's birthday party, or what other kinds of events you do - get her info and call her LATER - focus on the kids, make it fun - and the parents will LOVE you!

How do you find the right people?  Post a note like this on local parenting forums, facebook groups, social media sites, etc.

"If you are on the PTA or a parent organizing a fall/winter carnival, please send me a private message - I have a free offer for you :)"

Make sure that you are extra polite with the organizer, send her a half-sheet or whole sheet of wraps before the event, donate a door-prize item, ask what else they need help with, network to find other vendors to pay for a booth and ask them to be sure to tell them you referred them.  This will build a STRONG relationship with that coordinator - and next time she will call  YOU! 

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  1. Noel,

    I am chairing a fundraising carnival for a large private school in April 2016. I realize you are in DFW, but would you know who to contact in Houston to try to get someone to come to the carnival? I think it would be a hit with mom's and daughters. We have a hair salon coming and wanted to create a spa environment.


    Nancy Scales