Friday, July 11, 2014

Summertime recipe for Success - Ingredient #3: Opportunity night for promoting leadership

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Subject: Summertime recipe for Success - Ingredient #3: Opportunity night for promoting leadership

A stable foundation of leadership in your organization is the key to a steady, reliable income in this business. Fall is a great time to help people promote into leadership.
Scheduling an “Opportunity Night” for promoting to Leadership is a fun team activity that will help you to identify the people in your organization who you will want to work with to help move up the career plan ladder.

Do the same activities you would do if you were holding an Opportunity Night for recruiting new team members.
  1. Send out invitations and follow up with a personal phone call.
  2. Make it special - consider serving champagne and chocolate
  3. Spotlight other leaders and have them share their success story so others will see how great it is.
  4. Spouses are welcome!
  5. Highlight the perks of rank AND career plan … it's OK to talk about $$$!
  6. Have time for Q & A
  7. Follow up individually to get commitment - believe in them before they believe in themselves. Let them know they would be great and tell them why specifically - then ask, “So, what do you think?”
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