Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Social Media Secrets to Boost Your Business

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Social Media Secrets to Boost Your Business

As the internet has revolutionized the way we do things, now is the best time to integrate Social Media into your business.

Now we bet you are wondering, why is Social Media so important? Simply stated, it is the easiest way of interacting with people in this day and age. in We create, share and exchange ideas in an instant and it spreads at lightning speed! 

As with anything new, we know it can be scary but have no fear... we are here to help! 

Click on the link below to down a free worksheet that highlights a few of the many Social Media Secrets we cover in our Academy Classes!
Don't put it off. Be current. Be relevant. Be successful!
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Social Media Essentials Academy

August Classes

Facebook for Business Class

Facebook is the largest Social Media network on the planet and is growing every day! Now is the time to take your business to the next level and utilize the power of this mega giant.  Under Belinda's guidance, training, personality and energy, we now offer a whole new way to brand yourself, your business and the products you sell. 
'There's an App for That' Class  
Learn how to find and use apps that will make the biggest impact in your business. We'll feature apps for time management, social media, organization, image creation and more.  This class is for you if...
  • You only use your smart phone to make calls OR your tablet to play games.
  • You desire to go paperless, but struggle with how to make your business mobile.
  • You want to use technology to better your business, but don't have time to research what is available.
  • You have downloaded apps that others have recommended to you, but haven't taken the time to learn them.
  • You want to improve communication with your hosts and customers through social media.
  • You struggle with keeping everything organized. (We'll be sharing ONE tool that will help you store, share and find everything you need!)
  • You use a computer, smart phone and/or tablet (We'll be featuring applications for all.)
Click on the links and register below for our August Classes!

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Use Code: SAVE10SM 
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