Monday, July 7, 2014

Summertime recipe for success - Ingredient #1 SPD

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SUBJECT: Summertime recipe for success - Ingredient #1 SPD (Sell Product Daily)

For the next several days, we will focus on some quick and easy activities that you can do to keep your business rolling during these “lazy, hazy, crazy” days of summer.

Some potential hostesses are reluctant to schedule a July or August party because so many of her friends seem to be out of town, grabbing the last bits of vacation time before the kids go back to school. The next time one of your potential hostesses wants to schedule “after the kids are back in school”; why not suggest that you drop by for a 15-20 minute “product preview” over a glass of iced tea? You can leave her with her “after school starts” hostess packet and also she will be able to see what's new for the fall. Once she has agreed, ask her to think of a couple of neighbors who would want to drop by at the same time and maybe bring a friend. Before you know it, you've got a gathering of 5 or 6! Your hostess will be able to reap double benefits; both from her “pre-party” and the “official party”. The key to success is scheduling within 24-48 hours of talking with your hostess. That way, it keeps things casual and she have the most success gathering a couple of friends/ neighbors because most people know what they are doing tomorrow.
Remember, selling product daily is an important ingredient in your recipe for success this summer!
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