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Summertime - keeping myself and my TEAM on track!

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SUBJECT: Summertime - keeping myself and my TEAM on track!
Summer can be a challenging time for your home based business - especially if you are someone with children who are now home from school. Whether elementary, high school, or college aged having the kids around every day can present a real distraction. Fold in nice weather and the lure of fun outdoor activities and you have a potential recipe for major procrastination when working from home.

“Taking the summer off” is not always a good choice, especially if you consider that our business has a 30-90 day cycle. Look at your calendar and you will see that if you do nothing now, it will impact your fall (harvest time!) in a very negative way.
So, how do you stay motivated and help your team to do the same?
Sometimes all it takes is a new challenge, something that increases your excitement level and gets your juices flowing.
Set a short term goal for yourself, or for yourself and your team. An example might be recruiting or selling to a certain amount within a short period of time. Get creative. Think about having a fun focus, like recruiting people who are out of state or selling a particular number of a specific product; anything that will give your goal a new twist.

Break your goal into bite-sized (daily) increments. In other words, if your goal is to sell $1000 in the next 2 weeks (10 days), then your daily goal is to sell $100. Keep the goal in front of you and reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Working on a specific goal with your team can really makes things fun. Again, break it down. If you have a goal of selling $10,000 in the next 10 days with a team of 10 - each individual must sell $1000 in that period of time or $100 a day. Have them report daily to you and post the results in a daily email that goes out. Don't forget the rewards. It can be something as silly as candy (Smarties - you are so smart to have achieved today's daily goal)or something bigger like a Starbucks or gasoline gift card. Let people brag on their successes and post them to everyone via facebook. Then, when you achieve your goal be sure to celebrate as a team.

The whole idea is to use your imagination and creativity to build momentum and team work in your organization.

We would LOVE to hear what YOU are doing this summer to stay motivated and help your team do the same. Won't you write and let us know? 
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