Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What is PRV?

PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume.  Each item in the Jamberry Nails catalog has  a retail price and an assigned value. Since Jamberry Nails started in the United States, the PRV is based on the US retail price.

Having a set PRV allows the company to expand into any area and set the price in the local currency, without adjusting the compensation plan.

for example...

A Jamberry Nails Consultant sells 10 wraps (not including the free ones):
US pays $150, gets 150 PRV, 10 wraps are sold
CA pays $170, gets 150, 10 wraps are sold.

If we expanded into the UK, $15 US / $17 CA is $10.82 EU
EU pays $108.20, gets 150 PRV, 10 wraps are sold

if we expanded into Brazil, $15 US / $17 CA is $33.55 BR
BR pays $335.50, gets 150 PRV, 10 wraps are sold

Understanding Personal Retail Volume will help you understand how to best maximize the Jamberry Nails compensation plan.  You can always log into your workstation and see your current status, and your "Rank Gap" report that will tell you what you need to advance.  If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor and/or upline Team Manager!

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