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Jump Start Your Fall

Jump Start Your Fall

Tips to have a solid Fall 2012 (from the Jamberry Nails Consultant Newsletter 9/17/2012)

Follow up with every customer and hostess. Get started by creating a contact list of your favorite people. Who would you most like to do a party for or work with in your business? Pick up the phone and call from your list! Tell them what a fabulous time it is to book a party or join your Jamberry Nails team. Invite them to be the first to show the new Fall designs or our new Mixing it Up nailwraps party. Let them know that you still have some great dates available and you'd love to do a party for them. They will earn free and discounted products of their choice!

Overbook during the first 15 days of each month. Fully book the first two weeks on your calendar before "extending" it for the rest of the month. This is an important strategic approach in having a full calendar. If given the choice, people tend to book the last 2 weeks of the month, so focus on booking the first two weeks first! Once that is booked, then extend to the rest of the month.

Be a "super coach"! Set solid goals with your host to achieve maximum success! Start the Fall out right by not cutting corners when it comes to hostess coaching. Stick to the basics: 10-plus buying guests, at least two outside bookings, 10-15 guests in attendance at the parties, collect outside orders, etc. Use the Host Success Planner found in your workstation.

Raise your expectations this Fall! Your hostess will rise to your expectations, so set her goals high when hostess coaching. Make sure she has a healthy wish list, with lots of her favorite designs. Then use the list! When you're at the party, let her guests know what she's working toward, and what her sales need to be to achieve it. Get her involved. Ask why she chose those particular nail shield designs. Show her and the guests how to mix and match the designs. Get the guests excited about creating their own wish list and "must haves" for their wardrobe; upcoming events and gift giving needs.

Schedule blocks of time in your calendar to do booking calls. Just like a doctor or dental appointment, write it in. Then honor your commitment by spending the allotted time calling every one who has ever attended one of your parties, vendor events or who has purchased from you. Dig, dig, dig! Get out your shovel and dig through every door prize slip, customer order form, business card and referral slip. Then call them! Call every past host; even those who booked but were not able to hold their parties. Call friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and business associates. Tell them about the wonderful new Fall designs. They are special. There is something for everyone! Also let them know that it is an incredible time it is to become a consultant!

As long as you've got a party, you're in business! Even if you've only got one or two parties on your calendar, visualize your cup half full. Give 100 percent of your effort to make those parties the best possible! Offer special incentives for booking on "bonus dates". Offer a Jamberry Nails party (live, on-line or catalog) to every single person as you help them with their orders. Set a goal to get at least four bookings per party and work on that goal! Think positive!

Attend every event or meeting you possibly can. Write your meeting dates in your calendar so you won't book parties on those dates. Meetings are vital to the success of your business. Not only will you learn great new ideas, but you will also get excited and re-energized to go for your goals!

Be intentional about your business. Offer, don't ask. Everything in this business is first an attitude before it becomes an action, especially when it comes to booking parties and sponsoring new consultants. So adopt an attitude that says, "I am offering someone an opportunity to book a party, not asking them to do me a favor." With that attitude, ask questions like, "When would you like to take advantage of our free shopping spree or a fun girls night out? Remember to offer a Jamberry Nails Fundraiser. "Do you know of an organization needing to raise money?"

While booking and sponsoring, be active, not passive. Talk to everyone! Talk to people one-on-one and focus on the needs of others, especially when sharing the Jamberry Nails opportunity.

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