Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Earn it Before Your Hostesses Promotion

How would you like to earn the next 3-months of Host Exclusives? You want them in your hands (and on your fingers and toes) early - to wear to your parties, to entice future bookings.... well, you've been asking and we've been listening! Earn September, October & November Host Exclusives in August! Earn all 3 and they will be shipped out to you the first week of September! It's easy to do!

Just keep your business going in August. Be consistent! 300 PRV earns the September Exclusive; 500 PRV earns September & October; 700 PRV earns ALL THREE! September, October & November!!! (November design to be announced the last Monday in August.) Who will be earning all three Host Exclusives so they can have them BEFORE they can be ordered?

Congratulations to the following GLOW Girls who earned ALL THREE!
Emily Harris
Sarah Scott
Megan Hopper
Robin Dale
Amanda Cearley
Jennifer Hosler
Hannah Rettig
Natalie Stewart
ryon orendain
Tara Osswald
Dolores Maldonado
Megan Hill
Patti Dallhoff
Heather Reta
Terry Estes
Cyrena Brown
Staci Smock
Noel Giger
Jo Anne Smoot
Michelle Wollenberg
Ashlee Wetherill
Karlyn Dagraedt

And the following GLOW Girls who earned September and October!
Amanda Whitstine
Elisha James
darchelle whitehead
EJ Burns
Tammy Spittler
Kelli McBride
Kristi Haverkamp
Melinda Radigan
Kendra Glover
Jamie Johnson
April Dilorenzo
Michelle Morris
Laurie Wilcox
Randi Hancock
Hollie Boyett
Sara Walker
Amanda Basinger
Jill Tolby
Anne Darner
Morgan Wilcox
Emily Boyd

And the following GLOW Girls who earned the September Hostess Exclusive!
Ashley Hale
Claire Wortham
Melissa Johnson
Faith Heck
Monica Ripley
Carrie Nuckolls
Guadalupe Sanders
Leigh Ann Haas
Janessa Gilbert
Misty Dyson
Erin Smith
Lindsey Roberts
Charlotte Rush
Johnny Bowe
Michelle Ronsick
Denise Jernigan
Sarah Penney
Mandi Ainsworth
Jenny Wyser
Becky Toney
Rebecca Joyce Tompkins
Alicia Lamb

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