Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Planning for Success

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"Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things is the result of goal setting." - Anonymous  

 Planning for Success

The fall and holiday season is upon us! You will get the most from the best season of
the year if you plan for it. Imagine a builder starting construction on a home without a blueprint. All kinds of problems, unnecessary costs, and frustrations would be the unfortunate result instead of the beautiful home he had envisioned as the finished product. Don't let this be another year of missed opportunity and frustration come mid-December when our season comes to an end.
  • Set specific goals for your fall and holiday season.
    - How much do you want to sell each month?
    - How many new consultants do you want to recruit each month?
    - How much do you want to earn each month?
    - What level do you want to promote to and what month do you want to promote to that level?
September       October      November      December    Total  
Sell $2500        $2500          $3500             $2000        $10,500 
Sponsor 1          2                  2                     1                   6
Earn $625         $625             $875              $500            $2625
Promote to ___________ December 1st

  • Think about what these goals will do for you, emotionally and tangibly. What would you do with that money? It's not the money that motivates us; it's what the money will do for us that motivates us. Once you have determined what you will use the money for and how you will feel, write that down.
  • Create a plan. How many parties, outside orders and online sales will you need to generate the sales goal each month? How many people will you offer the opportunity to in order to hit your sponsoring goal?
$2500 / average party $350 = 7-8 parties
5 parties and $250 in outside orders and $250 in online sales. (choose one plan)
Offer the opportunity to 10 people individually.
  • Track your results. If you fall behind a specific goal in one month, create a plan to make it up the next month to stay on track for your total goal for the season.
  • Stick to it! Discipline, determination, and persistence will make your goals a reality this season!

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity."
- Louis Pasteur

 You are capable of excellence, so go for it!
Shari Hudspeth
Average To Excellence, LLC

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