Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt (all day version)

From Sandi Boehner Warner

Here are the questions I use for my scavenger hunt. (I instruct them to use my website and message me their answers and I post the questions throughout the day, not all at once)). I'll type them up and add them to the files tomorrow:

1. What is the USD cost to design your own Jamberry Nail Wraps?
2. Name 1 publication on which Jamberry Nails are seen?
3. What is the first step of the application process for Jamberry Nails?
4. What are the Commitment to Charity Nail wrap design names?
5. Name 2 Nail Care Products that are currently offered?
6. What Season Premiere Nail Wrap name reminds you of "Desperate Housewives?" (Answer, Wisteria)
7. What Animal Instinct Nail Wrap name makes you want to sing a Tone Loc song? (Answer, Wild Thang)
8. In what denominations can you purchase Jamberry Gift Certificates?

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