Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book a Full Fall with an Envelope Necklace

Book a Full Fall!


A Fun Way to get New Bookings

Idea shared by TheWahmConnection  (originally posted in the 10-8-12 Jamberry Nails Consultant Newsletter)

What you will need to get started: An envelope, stickers, markers or crayons, a hole puncher, and some string.

The first thing you'll want to do is to take your envelope and decorate it. Decorate it so that it really stands out. You can color it, draw, add stickers, or even stamp it. Use your imagination!
Once you are done decorating your envelope, you will want to punch one hole in each corner of the top of the envelope. Next, take a piece of string, long enough that you can tie it and it will hang from your neck.

Next, you will need to decide on 3 gifts that you will give your hostess. Each item is an item she can get with each booking she receives. You will NOT tell your hostess what these things are. For example, perhaps your 3 gifts will be: 1 free set of nail wraps, 50% off of any item in the catalog, and FREE shipping on any item. These are just suggestions. You will need to adjust accordingly.

Once you have decided what the gifts will be, you will place the 3 pieces of paper inside the envelope and seal it. Make sure you do not leave this behind when going to the home party.
When you arrive at the hostesses home, you will ask her to wear this envelope around her neck. Now, we know she is going to ask you what's in the envelope. You will then tell her that you can't tell her until she gets 3 bookings. But be excited about it. You can tell her there is a surprise in there for her. Just don't spill the beans and let her know what it is. That will ruin the fun of this game.

This actually takes the work off of you as the consultant when it comes to getting bookings. Your hostess is excited. She wants that free stuff. She wants to know what is in that envelope!
As the guests arrive, they will begin to ask the hostess what the envelope is, what it's for, and what's inside. Of course your hostess will tell them that she has no idea and won't know until she gets 3 bookings. Guests will begin to book parties to help her get those 3 bookings so that she can see what's in the envelope. If she is lacking a party, her excitement will get her to ask everyone to book a party from her so that she can open that envelope and get her prizes! The first day a consultant tried this, she got 5 bookings!

You may want to consider when she'll be getting these prizes. Always make sure that those that are booking the parties will follow through and host the parties as they have agreed to do. So perhaps you may want to put a #1, #2, and a #3 on each of the items inside the envelope. The first party that is booked and held is when your hostess would receive item #1. The second party that is booked and held would allow her to receive item #2, and then the same with #3.

These are all suggestions. You can do this however it would work best for you. Be sure to let your hostess know that those 3 gifts are all in addition to her normal hostess credits and free products. This gives her another reason to be excited. This is a sure hit at the parties. Be excited, have a lot of fun, and watch those bookings start to come in!

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