Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ding Dong, Jamberry Calling!

She booked 11% of the people that she talked to. Cold calls - door knocking. That is unbelievable!

I wanted to share something very inspirational with you! We have a team member who has had a terrible injury that stopped her in her tracks for 2 months. She was unable to come to conference and had not been able to work personally due to extreme pain and pain med side effects. Through all of this, she kept up with her team, encouraged and motivated them and came back to a promotion last month.

Our August challenge was to "Meet Someone New Every Day". Team members got an entry into the monthly drawing for each person they spoke to about Jamberry. Here is this team member's entries for the last few days of August:

"I purchased plastic bag door hangers. My son and I went out yesterday (and today) and I knocked on 217 doors. When people weren't home - I put our (expiring) catalogs (with a little poem on the front on a sticker asking them to go to my website to see the new designs) in a bag with my business card. If the person came to the door I gave them the catalog and my business card in person.

The poem:
"Retired items, we have a few... so check out my website to see what's new!"

As such - I spoke with 37 people, yesterday. ..and 28 people (so far) today. I might go back out later on today. We'll see.

I booked 8 parties for next month.

We'll see if I receive any orders from the long hours of wandering around Las Vegas.
Took out the last of my catalogs and door hangers, today. Knocked on 118 doors. Spoke with 26 people in person (and booked 2 more parties for next month). The rest of the doors all received a catalog and my business card in a door hanger on their door. (The in-person people received a catalog and my business card and my 32 second introduction to Jamberry.)"

So 26 for me today.
And I am now out of my about to expire catalogs and rhyming sales incentive catalog stickers...so I am pleased. I was hoping to be able to finish that project, today!

Congratulations to this determined GLOW Girl!  Not only did her hard work pay off in parties and future sales, she also is this month's incentive WINNER!  Something special from the Coach store is coming her way!

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