Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MEGA Weekend!

What exactly is a MEGA Weekend?

In direct sales, sometimes you just need a jump-start, or a re-start!  A MEGA Weekend can give you just the boost you are looking for.  The goal for a MEGA Weekend is to schedule and hold as many parties as you can.  Below is a sample schedule.  

10:00 Play Date Party - kids welcome!  (A very informal gathering at someone's home or at a restaurant with a playground.  Print out coloring pages and maybe bring building blocks to keep the pre-school crowd entertained.)
 1:00 Dessert & Coffee - adults only  (host this in your home, encourage attendees to bring a guest)
 4:00 TGIF Happy Hour party - adults only (meet the after-work crowd at a local pub and peruse the catalog over martinis)
7:00 Girls Night Out GNO (traditional in-home party)

10:00 Post Game Crunch Brunch (set up open house style - encourage sports moms to swing by after those Saturday morning games!)
2:00 Mommy and Me Manicures (traditional in-home party)
5:00 Get Your Jam On (application party - great to get the mani done before date night!)
8:00 PJ's and Pedicures (traditional in-home party)

11:00 Mimosas and Manicures (traditional in-home party)
2:00 Jamberry Bingo
7:00 The big Jam (get a private room at a restaurant and invite several catalog hostesses to bring their friends and have several parties at once - also works well as a "Margaritas and Manicures" theme on the patio of a Mexican restaurant!) 

What would YOUR sales look like if you held 10+ parties in a single weekend?  And what would your following schedule look like if you booked 2-3 parties off of each of those?

Give it a shot, and maybe next time, go for a MEGA MONTH (30 parties in 30 days!)

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