Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Planting Seeds

When you are running a party, whether it's in home or online, it's important to make sure that you are PLANTING SEEDS for bookings and recruiting!  You want to offer as many different options and ideas as you possibly can, and as nonchalantly as possible.

In online parties, the very best place to use these seeds is in the comments!  This makes them more conversational, and less "pushy" :)

Here are some examples of BOOKING seeds you can plant throughout your demonstration:
This pairs great with our ______ lacquer. We're not going to be sampling that tonight, but if you'd like to get your friends who love to polish their nails together for a "Let's Get Lacquered Up Ladies Night In"  - we'll find a good date.
Our Indulgence Hand Care is amazing. It's our most popular Hostess half off item - and I'd love to come show you and your friends how to pamper themselves at home with an Indulgence Spa Party. I'll show you how to get a salon quality professional manicure at home! 
(after the who's the most girly girl game) This one is really fun at Mommy and Me parties - we play girls versus moms and the winning team gets to choose the samples the other team tries on. The girls ALWAYS win - it's so much fun! 
The wraps take about 10 days to arrive - so we could get together in a couple of weeks for an Application party! I'll remind you all how they work and you can admire each other's selections (and maybe do a little trading!)
Stack the hostess - mention the rewards as you go.

RECRUITING seeds you can plant throughout your demonstration.  Notice the underlined words.  These are words that convey emotion and connect with people :)

Our Nail Art Studio is lots of fun!  I see lots of JAMsisters designing custom wraps for their family vacations #ThankYouJamberry!
Jamberry has been a huge blessing for our family. When my husband was laid off and unemployed for 6 months - Jamberry literally saved us from being homeless.
I know you didn't come here tonight looking for a job... you came to have fun! So did I! Watch what I do tonight - and if what I'm doing seems fun and easy, I'll give you an information packet to take home. We can talk in the next few days to go over any questions you have. Believe me, I will not stalk you... I've got 5 kids so I don't have time to bug you! (laugh)
It's so exciting to see ladies on our team show off their goodies on Jamberry pay days! Some show us shoes and bags - and some show us "paid in full" debt pay-offs. I've seen vacation pics and many teary stories of how proud their husband or other family members are. 
Stack the hostess - mention the rewards as you go. ALSO mention what I make on a typical night

I want to hear YOUR ideas!  Please leave a comment with your favorites :) 

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