Monday, March 23, 2015

Home Party Game: Who’s the most girly girl?

(I pass out the catalog with an order form face down on top of it, and a pen – this gets the order form in their hands in an un-obtrusive way)

Say “We are going to play a game to find out who is the most girly girl! Give yourself a point for everyone of these you agree with…”

1. Your make-up bag looks more like a suitcase.
2. You never leave the house without make-up or your hair done.
3. Your favorite color is pink.
4. You are known to cry at the endings of animated Disney movies.
5. You have more hair and body products than can be used.
6. You own more than 10 bottles of nail polish. Extra point if you change the color of your nails weekly.
7. You wear a skirt or dress often other than when expected (ie: at church, formal settings).
8. You always look in the mirror before you leave the house.
9. You wear high heels a lot and believe the look is more important than comfort.
10. You hate yardwork …
11. or getting dirty.
12. You subscribe to 3 or more fashion magazines.
13. You dance around your house when no one else is at home.
14. You love glitter…
15. Or Lace…
16. And Ruffles…
17. Give yourself 2 extra points if you love bling!
18. Are "Whatever", "Oh My Gosh", and "Totally" are frequent parts of your vocabulary.
19. You love to get manicures and pedicures.
20. Your favorite pastime is hanging out with the girls …
21. Or shopping!
22. You own lots of purses AND have a spare lipstick or lip gloss in them at all times.

At the end, have them tally up their points. 

I give a small prize to the most girly girl (or you could give her a tiara or feather boa to wear for the evening) 

If I'm giving a prize, I also give one to the LEAST points and say "Girly girls love Jamberry for the 250+ vibrant designs and the fun of mixing and matching.  Non-girly girls love Jamberry because they are so easy and affordable and last so long - they don't have to worry about their nails!"

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