Monday, March 9, 2015

Host Coaching 101 - 43 minutes well spent

Investing 43 minutes of time into coaching your hostess can improve your sales exponentially.  You can't afford NOT to do it!

Hosts book parties to have FUN with their FRIENDS and to shop for FREE and discounted Jamberry.  It's important that you keep it EASY and FUN - not to mention duplicatible!
(updated 1-30-2018)

Host Packets:

Check out the training blog on what to include in Host Packets here:

Before the Party:

During a current party, recognize the current Hostess for the things she did to help her party be more successful. (Timely return of guests list, outside orders, booking before the night of the party) - this shows your gratitude and appreciation, and everyone wants to be recognized for what they do! Plus, it helps set an expectation of what a potential host would need to do to make her party a success. [2 minutes]
  1. When a guest at a party books her own party, give her a Hostess Packet that night, and go through it completely with her to assure her of a successful party! [5 minutes]

  • It's important that you get her guest list from her.    
Most Direct Sales companies offer postcard invitations or reminders for in-home parties.  If you've gotten a hostess packet from your consultant, you probably had a stack of pretty postcard invitations and the instruction to fill them out and mail them to your friends.  If you actually did this - you deserve a gold star for sure!  I never did it.  Which is one reason I didn't have very good turn out at my home parties!  Read More
  • Ask for the guest list to be returned to in 3-4 days, and write that date on the guest list so she remembers.  Also mark that date on YOUR calendar!
  • Send a follow up EMAIL thanking her for booking with you, confirming the time, date and address. Include your social media links and contact info. Remind her to send guest list!
2-3 weeks before the party [3-8 minutes]
  • If you don't receive a guest list on the requested date, call or text her to remind her! [3 minutes]
  • If you receive a guest list back with less than 20 names, CALL the hostess and discuss a strategy for attendance and sales.  Use the “40 Guests in 4 Minutes” brainstorming list. [5 minutes]
After you have the guest list, call or message with the hostess: [5-10 minutes]

  • Set a goal for outside orders sales (minimum $100) and a goal for total party sales, as well as a booking goal.
  • Encourage and work with your hostess to have at least 1 booking scheduled before the night of her party.
  • Set the expectation to close the night of the party.
  • Consider doing an "on-time drawing" for her guests.  This will only work if the GUESTS know about it!!! 
  • Ask every Hostess if she has ever considered doing what you do! Make sure they are aware that the credits from their party may be used one of two ways and what the options are. (Regular or Kit credit)
To be mailed, prior to the party: [5 minutes]
  • Make sure every Hostess knows what her monthly Hostess Specials are - Print and mail the appropriate monthly Hostess Flyer to each Hostess.
  • Mail her a Wish List form, and/or help the Hostess make a wish a list, so you can work with her on a goal for her party and help her know how to reach it.
Three days before the party, call the Hostess and remind her to call her Guests - to remind them and suggest that they bring a friend. [3 minutes]

The day before the party, call the Hostess to get directions, (yes, even if you have GPS! This is the REASON you are calling, then ask.... ) to see how she is doing with outside orders and bookings, see if she wants to see any particular pieces of product, find out approximately how many she is expecting, etc. [5 minutes]

At the Party:

  1. The day of the party, before guests arrive, take time to speak to the Hostess about her two options again.  Answer any questions she may have about the kit credit.
  2. If the host has expressed at least some interest in joining, ask "If ______ were to sign up as a Jamberry Consultant tonight, how many of you would have a party to help her get started?"
  3. Ask for referrals both sponsoring and booking at a party.
  4. During a party,recognize the Hostess for the things she did to help her party be more successful. (Timely return of guests list, outside orders, booking before the night of the party). See how this comes full circle?

After the party:

Go the extra mile!  Send a thank you note! 

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