Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to switch your Jamberry upline

Having been a leader with Jamberry for nearly 3 years, and having such a strong online presence, I am regularly approached by new consultants who want to know if they can switch to my GLOW Girls team.  The reasons are individual, but the reasoning behind the request is the same: They feel they could be more successful with a successful leader.

This morning I was packing my son's lunch for school.  This is usually something that my husband does, but since an older son needed an emergency dentist visit, it was up to mom!  I gathered the foods I knew he liked, and tried to make it as balanced as possible (no one wants a call from the school nutrition office!)  I got 2 sticks of cheddar cheese (protein) a snack sized baggie of shredded carrots (veggies) a juice pouch (sugar water disguised as fruit juice) and a bag of chips (starch, and probably the first thing he'll eat, and quite possibly the only thing!).  I'm a softy for desserts, and I decided to include something sweet.  It couldn't be the nutty buddy bars that he loves, because they have peanuts.  The swiss rolls are just too much chocolate and sugar, so I went to the bottom bucket in the pantry.  I dug through the snack bucket, past the granola bars and found all natural fruit chews.  Perfect!

As I rose from the ground, fruit chews in hand, I saw something unusual:

The cheddar fish were growing hair!  I pulled the box out to get a closer look.  The cheddar fish were  gone, but a bag of onions had been dropped in there.  They were forgotten and had begun to grow.  As I realized they had flourished in an unlikely place, I thought of Jamberry.  Of course - I am always thinking of Jamberry!

So, I imagined the onion, having a conversation with itself.

This is not where I belong!  I am an ONION!  I am meant to grow and flavor people's dishes.  I'm talented and versatile.  I can go raw or cooked!  I can be sliced, diced, minced and more!  In fact - even a little piece of me can grow and make even more ONIONS!  I am surrounded by incompetence.  These little gold fish - let's face it, they are not even gold, they are ORANGE... they aren't even the real deal!  They are just PRETENDING to be food!  They are all fake and processed and just alike.  They can't even make any more fish... they aren't REAL FISH!  It's so dark - I feel like I've been ostracized because I'm not like them.  Which is FINE by me - I'm NOT like them.  But I'm lonely.  I really thought I would be in a great kitchen, or garden, or maybe a window garden IN a kitchen!  I should have never even left.  I was better off where I was.
But... I feel something inside me.  Deep down, past the disappointment, past the fear and loneliness... something is bursting inside me!  I think I'll just focus on that for a while.  Let me close my eyes - there, that's better.  OK, thinking growing thoughts... I AM an ONION.  I am THE onion. I grow even more onions.  My onions are better than fish.  wait - no, I'm not thinking about them... I'm focusing on me... THE ONION.  I'm a tasty onion.  I've got awesome layers on top of more awesome layers.  Oh!  What just happened?  What's that?  A SPROUT!  I've got a SPROUT!  Wahoo!  Look at that!  It's so pretty and green and soft!  LOOK EVERYONE... crickets.  Seriously fish... did you not just SEE what I did there?  Oh, I get it, not orange, not impressed... FINE!  Closing my eyes again... Focus on the sprout... It's growing!  I can feel warmth and light... Push... PUSH... HARDER!!! AHHHHH I see the top of the box!  I'm out of the box!  Well, I mean technically, I'm still in the box, but part of me is rising above!

You see, the onion had a choice.  It could sit and rot, feeling sorry for itself that it was in the wrong place.  It could wither and die, trying to jump out of the box into a more suitable location.  OR... it could grow.  Not because of it's location, but in spite of it.

When I joined Jamberry, in the first year, before the company officially launched... There was nothing.  We were all flying by the seat of our pants, making it up as we went along.  There were some with previous direct sales experience - they shared their wisdom with us.  We listened to teleseminars from direct sales professionals.  We collaborated in Facebook groups - sharing what was working and asking for help with our challenges.  It didn't matter "who's team we were on" - we were all on JAMBERRY's team.

Success is inside of YOU.  You can have the most incredible leader in the world, who sends you great ideas and tells you what to do step by step.  And if you don't do it, guess what?  You'll fail.

And... You can have the worst sponsor in the world, who sends you hate mail, is jealous of your success and never talks to you.  And guess what?  You can still SUCCEED!

I'm truly honored that so many want to "switch to my team".  It's a HUGE complement.  I am moved by the stories shared with me.  I am incensed at some of the flagrant disregard of P&P and basic common courtesy.  Really, truly.

Just like the onion, you can switch your upline.  No, not officially... but mentally!  There is no law that says that you have to stay in your upline's Facebook group.  You can block her if you need to.  If there are P&P violations, send a note to compliance and let them sort it out.  YOU focus on YOU and your Jamberry business.  They can't make you fail, unless you let them!

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  1. Whereas I don't have any problems from my up line, I'm sure there are those that do, and very realistically you can find yourself not just in your own personal business, but feeling the brunt of someone else's dependency on your success. That is absolutely uncalled for! Thank you for encouraging others and welcoming others onto your team- especially unofficially! Because that means they don't have to wonder about your motives and can take your advice at full value! I will be following you!! Thank you :)