Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's ALL a "People Business"

No matter what business you are in, you're in the People Business.

This is especially true of Direct Sales!  You may have noticed that those who are "super successful" have some common characteristics...

You may even hate them for it.  Perhaps you feel like you could never be like "that".  You are too real, too hardcore, too down-to-earth.  You have real world problems, real life issues and lots of reasons to mistrust people.  You may even think that "those people" are crazy, live in a dream world, are smoking crack, ride magical unicorns and probably fart rainbows.

I get it.  No one is asking you to be fake.  Even though some of the people that you see in the newsletters or on the videos may seem fake to you, I am going to challenge you to suspend that judgement of them.

You see, I really believe that everyone that we meet knows something that we don't.  The problem is, we are often so insecure in ourselves, and so busy protecting our  own reputations, that we cannot let our guard down and admit that we don't know what they do.  So, instead of really listening to each other, we are waiting for the other person to take a breath so that we can say something stunningly clever to protect our facade.

This week's challenges are centered around RELATIONSHIPS.  The funny thing about learning relationship skills, is they translate into every area of your life.  This is what many people refer to when they talk about how "Jamberry changed their whole life" or about the "personal development" they experiences.  Why?  Because changing your relationships is really about changing YOU.  You cannot be a genuine, authentic person without allowing changes to seep into every area of your life.

Business Relationships:
  • with the company
  • with your leadership
  • with your teammates
  • with your customers
  • with your hostesses
  • with your recruits
Personal relationships:
  • with your significant other
  • with your neighbors
  • with your children
  • with your community
  • with your boss
  • with your co-workers

They all have YOU in common.  The Better YOU you are, the better all of your relationships will become.

For instance, it's difficult to give someone else a genuine, heartfelt complement when you are insecure.  If you don't like your hair, body, clothes, station in life, etc.... it will come across.  Consider the difference in these two complements:

  1. Your new kitchen is ah-may-zing!  I just love how you matched the backsplash and floor tiles.  Super creative and beautiful!  I'm so happy for you!
  2. I'm so jealous of your new kitchen.  I wish I was as creative as you are.  I really try, but I guess I just don't have the talent and money to do it right.  I'm glad you got a pretty kitchen.
Do you see the difference?  The first one is ALL about the person who just got a new kitchen.  The second one is all about the person who didn't.  And... the worst part is, many of us do this without even thinking about it!  People are self-centered.  YOU are self-centered.  I am too.  We're human. 

So, if you saw yourself (or your mother in law!) in the second "complement" don't beat yourself up!  Be excited that you now are aware that you have a CHOICE to become a more authentic, positive person - who makes other people feel good!

I want YOU to know more about YOU, so please take this free assessment: http://discoveryournaturalgifts.com/

And feel free to share your ah-ha moments with the team :)

The second thing I want you to do is to start a KUDOS folder.  A real one.  It can be in a file drawer, a pretty box, a large envelope - just somewhere for you to keep your KUDOS.  Anytime you get a sweet note, a complement, a nice email - put it in there!  When you are feeling down, you can pull it out to remind yourself of how AWESOME you really are!

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