Monday, March 16, 2015

Maximize your Facebook Time for Business!

We've all done it... logged into Facebook for a quick peek.  Got distracted.  Wasted the whole day.

If you're using social media for your direct sales business, you have to walk that fine line between being social and doing business.  Fortunately, we are in the relationship business, and sites like Facebook allow us to nurture relationships.  Unfortunately, people like to take a shortcut and just try to use it to sell to people!

Here is a tool that I use to help manage my Facebook time more wisely.  Lists.  There are 2 kinds of lists on Facebook: Interest Lists and Friend Lists.  Today, I'll share about the former.

Here is a graphic for those of us who are visual learners (and a shameless way to get people here from Pinterest!)

  1. From a computer or tablet, go to your Friend's list on Facebook.
  2. At the top, you'll see a button that says "create list" - click on it!
  3. Name your list - only you will see it.  I use a standard naming convention "Follow Up: _______" and the type of follow up.  I have one for hostesses, potential team members, fundraisers, etc.  Add at least one person to the list to get started.
  4. Now, when you click on your Friend's list, the new list will appear.  When you click on that, only posts from the people on that list will appear.

How to use this...

Here's the important part... This is not a "sales call list"!!!  This is a way to keep these contacts "warm", learn more about them, show that you care about them as a person and not just a dollar sign.  This falls into the category of "drip marketing" which is entirely worth checking out!

  • Check this list every few days (or every day if you have a short sales cycle).  
  • Comment on their post(s).  Like a picture.  Share relevant information (there's this awesome thing called Google where you can find info on anything.  If they have a question, you have an answer!)  
  • Do not do more than 3 actions a day.  That will make you a stalker.  NO ONE LIKES A STALKER.  It creeps people out.  Just don't.
  • Make a note of important events.  Like a real note, on paper. with their contact info.  Send a real birthday card, sympathy card, bon voyage card.  Like, in the real mail.
Are you catching on here?  It's ALL about relationships.  People do business with PEOPLE they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Be that person, and the business will follow!

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