Monday, March 23, 2015

Jamberry Nails Home Party Script

This is covered in 2 trainings.  As you can see in the diagram below, each training covers the same information, just in a little bit of a different order.  The Jamberry University lesson 7 is the latest, so I've used that as the basis for the combined script.

If you only have time to look at one training, go to JamU!  I have only mentioned my ADDITIONS to the trainings :)

For the Belinda Elsworth script, click on the Training Tab, there you will see the full script, as well as a series of training videos.   (Please note, trainings are only available to those with a Professional website, training is not included in the Hobbyist website)

7 Keys to a Successful Party (Belinda Elsworth Script)
Combined Script
5 Elements to a Successful Party (Jamberry University Lesson 7)
1.    Meet & Greet
1.       Meet & Greet
1.    Meet and Greet
2.    The Opening Talk
2.       The Opening Talk
(share the plan for the evening)
2.    The Opening Talk
3.    Sharing the Products (The Presentation—personal demo)
3.    Sharing the Products
The Presentation  (optional game)
Personal demo
Assisting with Guests’ Application of Product
3.    The Presentation – Personal Demo
4.    Booking Talk
4.    Closing Talk
Booking Talk
Recruiting Talk
(hand out catalogs)
4.    Closing Talk
5.    Recruiting Talk
5.    The Full Service Checkout
Closing the Customer
5.    The Full Service Checkout
6.    Assisting with Guests’ Application of Product

7.    Closing the Customer

During #2 The Opening Talk, I like to let ladies know what to expect.  I tell them "I'm going to share a little bit about why I love Jamberry, then maybe play a game - anyone like prizes? Then I'll show you how these work.  After that, everyone will get to sample Jamberry for themselves!  Once you've tried your sample, then I'll give you our catalog - because if I give it to you now - you're going to go crazy over the 300+ designs and I'll never get your attention again!  Sound good?  OK, let's get started?"

Party games are optional.  Guests are usually split 50/50 - either they LOVE party games, or they HATE them!  It is best to ask the hostess how SHE thinks her guests feel about the games.

In my opinion, you should only do 1 or 2 games, unless you are doing a Mommy and Me party with younger kids.

I feel the best time to do a game is during #3 Sharing the Products, after the presentation, but before the demo and the guests' application.  My favorite party game is Who's The Most Girly Girl.

Want to make it super simple?  Make yourself a set of cheater flash cards!