Thursday, October 10, 2013

So, it's payday...

Consider carefully how you will spend your money. How much will you reinvest into your business? Will you order business cards? Invest in a tablecloth? A banner? Add a little inventory? Maybe purchase some stamps so that you have them on-hand for mailing thank you cards and reminder postcards? Maybe you'll get paper and ink for your printer? Keep you receipts; these are business expenses and can be counted in next year's taxes

Will you pay for some marketing or advertising? A listing on a website, a blog sponsorship, an ad in the local highschool yearbook... Replenish your business supplies, catalogs, brochures, samples, postcards...
Now, consider how you will save your money. Do you have a convention fund? Saving for conference now! There are 7 Jamberry monthly paydays between now and convention. Can you save $50 this month? Maybe $100? Do you want to participate in Fall and Winter events? Do you want to do something special for your team members?

And finally, how will you treat yourself and your family? You've worked and played hard... make sure that you reward those who helped you get there. I usually take my kids out for ice cream or snowcones, and when I pay with my Jamberry card we say "Thank you Jamberry!" It's important that your family reap some of the rewards as well. While you are at parties or events, they may be home missing you - make it worth everyone's time!

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  1. this is one i always struggle with... i need to reinvest now so i can have better rewards in the future! Thanks for the knudge Noel!