Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Booking parties - it's all in the attitude!

SUBJECT:  HELP!  with TEAM motivation
Angela writes...
Help! I'm new to your site so I'm looking forward to learning ideas on how to help us motivate our teams during this economy when so many are scare to book parties b/c they "don't want to do that to their friends:?

Dear Angela,
 WELCOME to The Success Factory and THANK YOU for your great question.
 The objection that you mention in your question is as old as party plan.   My assumption is that you (and your team) are fearful that people feel as though inviting people to a Home Party is some kind of imposition.

 I encourage you to do a major paradigm shift in your thinking. You are offering a great service to your hostesses and customers.   You are coming to her home, bringing an amazing product and sharing all kinds of ways that this product can enhance and improve their lives. At the same time you are doing this in a NO PRESSURE environment where people can shop in the intimacy of their home, enjoy treats and the company of friends. What could be more fun than that?

 As a suggested activity, at your next team meeting, spend some time with your team brainstorming and talking about what you LOVE about your products and the benefits of these products to your customers. 

 With regards to the economy – here’s another thought. I’m pretty sure that there are no representatives from Wal-mart, Kohl’s or J.C. Penney that will come into your home, tell you about the benefits of working for them and hire you on the spot. REMEMBER, you have a wonderful opportunity to offer your hostess and her friends as well!

 When motivating your team and helping them to overcome their fear of this objection; you, as a team leader, must lead the way. By keeping a full personal calendar yourself and not letting this objection be a problem for YOU, you are setting a good role model to your team.

 Finally, it is important to remember that if you truly have a hostess who objects to ‘benefiting’ from free or discounted products because her friends have purchased product in her home, she can always choose to donate her products to a local battered woman’s shelter or other appropriate local charity. 


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