Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Recruiting Mindset

When you think about asking someone to join you in the business – where are you, mentally?
Is this something you are doing to someone or for someone?
Are you bothering/pestering/pushing or are you inviting?
Are you focused on your goals or on her needs?
If your paradigm is in need of a shift – let’s look at things a little differently.
  1. Make a list of the characteristics that make you good at this business. This becomes the job description of what you are looking for in a potential consultant.
  1. Make a mental shift and start to think of yourself as an ambassador recruiter. By definition an ambassador is an authorized messenger or representative. Consider your main job to be finding good people for your company – using your job description – and this will help you get the focus off of your own goals.
  1. Work like a corporate recruiter. Instead of working hard to convince someone to join the business what would happen if you used the following script instead?
“Working from home takes a lot of self-discipline. Let me tell you what we’re looking for. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and interested in (fill in the mission of your company).  Tell me a little about what YOU are looking for and then we will see if this seems like a good match.” (PAUSE – Stay quiet and then she will start to sell you on herself).
  1. Once you have a “job description/composite” of what makes a good consultant – this will enable you to ask more specifically for referrals.
“Who do you know who is a self-starter?” “Who is the busiest but most organized mom that you know?” “Who do you know who is a great ‘people person’”?

A Recruiting Mindset Part 2
Yesterday, we talked about making a paradigm shift and working to change how you look at yourself – taking on the mindset of an ambassador or a corporate recruiter for your company.
Your best results, realistically, come when you give the following new process – this new way of thinking time to evolve, germinate and develop. We recommend giving yourself an entire year for this ‘out of the box’ thinking.
1)      Change your ‘norm’ by raising the bar.
2)      Keep in mind that only one in ten people will say ‘yes’ to joining. 
3)      For your organization to grow, you need to make a goal to recruit at least 24+ new people personally over the next year. That is just two+ a month. Recruiting half that number (one a month) and your team will end up exactly where it was at the beginning of the year due to normal attrition – taking into account consultants who leave the business or change their level of commitment.
4)      Remember – your ‘year’ can begin anywhere you want it to begin. Why not start right now – while we are at the beginning of the fourth quarter of our busiest time of year?
Things to do to promote strong personal and team recruiting:
  • Front load your “year” (EASY to do when you are meeting so many people right now!)
  • Help your team to front load as well. 
    • Take a look at the vehicles you are providing to your team. Think about what you can help organize and facilitate:
      • Fairs
      • Fundraisers
      • Ads (the more who participate – the more money available to run a bigger/longer running ad).
  • Get good at asking for referrals and train your team to do the same.
  • Piggyback – NEVER walk alone – treat each event you do as a training opportunity…bring a team member with you!
  • When coaching team members – save time by using three way calling or free teleconferencing services.
  • PREQUALIFY recruit potentials by asking them:
    • “Is there anyone else who you will need to talk to about this?”
    • “Please talk with them and tell them why you are interested in doing this.” (remind them what their reason is - example;…you wanted to be able to take care of that car payment, you wanted to be able to purchase our products at a discount and know your friends will love them too, you want a work at home option…) If you have been listening well when the prospect was selling YOU on why she would be good at this she will have let you know what her reason for getting involved is!
    • “He (she) will probably ask you some specific questions – please bring these questions to the appointment with you.”
  • At the recruiting appointment – once paperwork has been completed – have new team members immediately make a list of the top ten people who they know will be interested in what they are doing and ask them who they will call first. 
  • Follow up with them the next day to help with any questions and to keep them excited about their decision to join.

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