Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finding Business At Expos Tip

Dos and Don'ts for Fairs and Expos
Fairs and expos will definitely bring new energy into your business.  Here are some quick do's and don'ts that will improve results. I hope that you have scheduled some fairs or expo events into your business.
Expo Do: 
  1. Use multiple levels to display your products.
  2. Leave space on the table for filling out drawing slips. 
  3. Have good color, flowers, or props.
  4. Have a big sign with #my_company# displayed prominently.
  5. Stand in front of the table.
  6. Avoid clutter.
Expo Don’t:
  1. Have a chair in the booth.
  2. Leave purses or other unnecessary items around.
  3. Have product boxes in front of the table.
  4. Have more than 2 people at time in booth.
  5. Eat or chew gum.
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