Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Jump Start Your Jamberry Nails Business

Your mission: host a "pop up party" in the next 7 days - in your home, a friend's home, a restaurant, a park.... anywhere!  EVERYONE already knows if they are free this week or not - so no "checking calendar" excuses!

**********Tell me the date/time of your pop up party!*************

Here's the catch - you CANNOT invite by Facebook.  WHAT?  You heard me... get on the phone (calling is preferable, but text is ok too), go for a walk in your neighborhood... carry around a pen and post it note pad to leave your phone number and the party time... DON'T leave samples - they've got to come to the party to try them ;)

OVER-INVITE!  This is something you need to tell your hostesses too!  NO ONE is offended by an invitation (if it comes from a place of "I'd love to see you and hang out" and not "hey, come check out my new business and buy something to help me")  BUT they will be offended if they get left out.  So... how many is enough?  At least 40.  You heard me - don't roll your eyes or get sassy with me!  LOL  Here is a quick resource you can share with hostesses... and use for yourself!!!
And, here is another brainstorming list

Especially contact those who weren't able to come to your launch party, or who have expressed interest in their own party but haven't gotten a date!  (Are you an established consultant ramping up or restarting your business?  Call every customer that hasn't ordered in the last few months!)

Tell your invitees that they can bring up to 2 friends (even mention them by name if you can "Hey - why don't you invite your Mom?  Can you call Helen from church and see if she can make it?  I don't have her number") - and they'll get a free sheet of accent nails (or free nail file, or free shipping, or a gift and decide what it is later) for each one they bring.  Are your friends moms?  bribe a local teen with a free sheet of wraps to entertain the kids at a coloring table or in the playroom or backyard!

Ask them if they'd like a text or email reminder... (you're getting their info so that you can follow up now and later ;) )

Really good friend?  Ask them to bring their famous dip or cookies or a bag of ice - give them a reason to be there ;)

They can't make it?  "Well then - it sounds like we need to find a time that's right for you!  Are weekends or weeknights generally better?  (listen, respond with something complementary about their response.  If they say they've got soccer games on Saturday mornings - they are a fantastic committed mom - their kids will really remember that about her.  If she has church responsibilities on Sundays - she is such a blessing to those who she serves - how wonderful of her to be so generous with her time... you get the drift here?  How many of us get enough pats on the back?  NONE OF US.  We're girls! (does my butt look big in this FB message?)

Continue on an either or... "OK so a weeknight would be better... I've got soccer practice too on Thursdays, so would Monday or Tuesday be better for you?  OK, so let me look at my calendar - looks like Monday October 6th is still available - may I put you down for that date before someone snatches it up?  I'll do most of the "work" and you and your friends are going to have so much fun!"


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