Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Facebook Party - Should you invite ALL your friends?

Borrowed from a leader friend who borrowed from another leader friend. Sharing is Caring!

Facebook Info -- Did you know that when you or your hostess invite "too many" people to an online party that the Facebook algorithm for what gets put into your guests or hostess' newsfeed changes? 
  • This starts happening when the number is over 100 and becomes more drastic over 250. 
  • At 250+, almost nothing that you post to the party will show up in the newsfeeds of people who have been invited but haven't clicked "going", and even things that the hostess posts will be greatly diminished.
  • It then becomes more intentional work to post and tag people (have your hostess do the tagging her friends so you don't end up in fb jail for tagging too many people that aren't your friends on fb.) Just something to consider as you get ready to hostess coach those October parties. 
I suggest that the hostess keeps her invites between 75-100.

IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT that each hostess sends PMs to her guests - at least 20-30 of her closest guests. She can send a premade message but to send it in chunks of 5 friends (copy and paste) and USE their names in the message is best. The more personal, the better!

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