Friday, September 5, 2014

Tips for successful Facebook parties...

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall when leaders are discussing what works for them?  Well - here are the best of the best discussing what works for them when it comes to Facebook parties for their Jamberry Nails business!

Summer H. I find that when a Facebook party isn't a one night live one, you have to specifically mention it's time to shop. Also that game with the picture clues to guess the name of the wrap the picture gives the clue to actually makes them go to your website & look around. My sales are always higher with those two things shared

Kate S. I do 99% of my parties online but my testimonial comes from one of the girls on my team. She is disabled and cannot drive, period. She is currently at SLC and is constantly my #1 sales person. She is awesome and only, only, only does parties online.

Kate S. Also...she could do parties on Saturday or Sunday during the day. An anti-football party. Midway through the football season I am SICK off all the foozeball. WHY,do they have to watch ALL the games? Party idea #winning.

Dawn R. I ask . My parties are fun. We focus on having fun...and then I ASK for business and I ASK for parties. It sounds so incredibly simple, but a lot of people forget to ask.

I ask in the context of the party, primarily. I use a google doc for sample requests...that also gives me their e-mail (so I can contact them outside of facebook and not have to deal with any issues there) AND I ask if they might consider hosting a party or joining right on that form. You wouldn't believe how many "maybes" I get. It starts them thinking about it right from the start of the party. Then, we have fun. I honestly usually get party requests before I post the posts about hosting an online party, which I do on day 9 and day 12 (12 day party format).

Rachael D. I joined in Nov, hit all three fast starts in 3 1/2 weeks. I made TM in April. I have never done a home party and I've only done one live event.. everything else has been done on FB. I have 99 people in my downline and I'm on track for travel. FB works for me!

I run my parties about 12 days... I do a small giveaway when we reach 20 guests, and then a "door prize" at the end of the party. The key is having a good hostess, which means lots of hostess coaching. When the hostess isn't interactive and fun, the party usually flops.As far as asking for sales...I do that too. The first 4 or 5's really about samples and games. Then, it is still about games and fun...and posts about not forgetting to make your purchase. I will also send an e-mail to everyone who requested a sample but hasn't placed an order before the party is over. Again, having the google doc for that makes it extremely easy to e-mail everyone quickly as a reminder on when the party is closing.

Part of me would *love* to do a shorter party model. But, this one works for me...and works WELL. So....12 days it is. Mine actually go a full 14 as far as ordering, but I take Sundays off and throw up a banner to say that Sunday is my "fun day" and I'll see them all on Monday.

Rachael's party description:
Hello Ladies!! Have you been to a Jamberry Nails party before? The AWESOME part about this party is that it's all online, so you can play along and shop from the comfort of your own home! 

The first 20 ladies to RSVP "going" will be entered into a drawing for a free Pedi pack! :D

The party will start on Monday, the 7th, and run through Friday the 18th! During the party you will have many chances to earn entries into the door prize drawing, so be sure to check in each day!

Please take a minute to "like" my FB page to keep up on my current specials and exclusives! (FB Link)

Oh yeah, and to order your Jamberry wraps, just go to (website) and click "SHOP." ♥ ♥ ♥

Ashley C. Never ever done a home party and June and July my sales were over 2000 prv. I usually do live online parties. I've got 3 babies and a husband who works a lot so I do most of my parties after 8 pm.

Lindsey D. I only do FB parties and made it to TM in 3 months. My daughter is in treatment for cancer and we never know when we are going to need to rush to the hospital, so I am not able to schedule anything. Having FB parties has made it possible for me to be a JB consultant

Lawren J. I'm a Lead Executive (joined in January) and I've only done one home party. All the rest has been facebook partying! I'm a mom of four kids ages 6 and under (one is still nursing) so partying online is just more convenient for me!

Kari F. I am 10 months in and I've only had 2 home parties! Full time photog and stay at home mama, Facebook is it!

Katie H. I just hit Team Manager in 5 months & have only done 1 in home party

Lori W. I have only ever done Facebook parties! Joined on 01.20.14 and hit TM with 22 team members (including me) on 04.30.14. I've just promoted my first TM in my downline on Sunday and have 74 girls on my team as of today. Oh, and I joined to be a hobbyist and missed my First Fast Start! If I can do this ANYONE can!

Kelly K. Hey!! I started on 4/9/14 and just made TM! I had my launch party on FB and then had a friend of mine host a party. All my parties for the next two months were from that party! I live in the country where my closest neighbor is 10 acres away. I never leave my house for Jamberry except to go to the post office! It absolutely IS possible!!

Heather N. I joined just over 1 year ago (August 17 2013) and promoted to TM in December and Elite in July and have still never done a home party - most of my downline does mostly or all facebook parties as well! I want to add that I am in no way saying that I think FB parties are better than home parties - I just think we all join at different seasons of life and one option works better than the other for different people.

Katie A. Mine average $400 (fb). I find that samples make all the difference for me, and I think I do them a little differently. I don't do a "ask for a sample" and send out a bunch of freebies. I ask for 10 volunteers who are willing to try the wrap, take photos and give a testimony in the party. I have started recruiting the volunteers BEFORE the party through the hostess posting for some on her fb status. This is also "Free" advertising for her party which is coming up. When they say yes, I feel like they are free game for tagging and 'nagging.' HAHA!! I generally do not tag in parties because I do not want to be a pest. I only tag if answering questions. But my volunteers get special attention and it works. Their pictures and testimonies and general activity can bring a party to life.

I just have the hostess ask for Volunteers by posting a picture and asking them to comment on it, and either send me or her their address. We do this about 2 days ahead of time. That way they don't get the sample before I have time to do my thing in the party . I want to be able to give them the links and show the rest of the group all about Jamberry first. But this way I can tag them in the application video on day 1 .


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these!! Super helpful. :D

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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  3. Ladies, for those of you who are having lots of success with Facebook parties, how are you getting your supply of hostesses? I am just starting out and my biggest challenge is getting hostesses. I've gone through friends and family and gotten 3 parties from from my launch party. The 3 parties have gotten very low participation and not really getting any sales or additional parties. Any advice? thanks.