Friday, September 19, 2014

Using Meet.FM for your Jamberry Nails Online Business

From Fellow Leader Sara M.

Hey Peeps! I did a chat earlier today on for a coaching call and wanted to report back some things that we learned 

  • FIRST!! a HUGGGGGE shout out to Miranda in tech support, she was with Dave Fleming at Conference and is AWESOMMMME!!!!  We had lots of audio issues and she jumped into our meeting and found the problems for us! the MAIN audio problem that most are probably experiencing right now is an issue with Adobe/Flash on Safari browsers... it's not a issue it is a syncing issue with the other programs/sites. The workaround is to host or attend using Google Chrome as your browser. 
  • Another issue was getting feedback and an echo, and the solution to that was as the host, you need to use headphones if you select computer as your audio source. 
  • Also, I asked how long their tech support stayed open since most of us hold "live" parties at night and she mentioned they are building up their tech support staff, but so far she is it! And get this!!!! She said to send her an email ( to let her know that you have a scheduled meeting or party and they will try to accommodate us and staff support at that time!!! WHAT?!?!? JAMazeballs! 
  • So here is the rest of the story... my team member about fell out of her chair with all the ideas she had using the platform 
 "Since we can record the meeting, we can also record the live event and provide a link to anyone that may have missed out! Also, you can meet up with your hostess for coaching or to redeem hostess rewards, or even trouble shoot application issues! You can create your presentation ahead of time, and you can make powerpoints to share: so now I have to make a Hostess packet powerpoint and I was going to make another one using the catalog tabs that would be used in a live party (the catalog hunt idea). Oh My, I've rambled on a bit, but Sara and I had such a great time and the gears in my brain are going full steam ahead, LOL! I think you should all try with someone and check out all the great things you can do with it!!!"  ‪#‎hadtoshare‬ ‪#‎partyon‬

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