Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Use Facebook to get parties

Post on FB "if you love JAMBERRY, post a number between 1-30" 

When they post their number, click through to look at their profile. If you can, find out where they live from that. 

That way you know whether to offer them an in-home party or a catalog/FB party. Then, send them a private message that says "CONGRATULATIONS!!! When you host a party with me, you will receive _______ FREE of charge PLUS the other insanely generous hostess rewards! My next 2 available dates are..."

Make a list of what you want to give away (retired sheets, half-sheets, mini heater, etc.) and split the 31 numbers into sections (example: 1-5 Retired sheet, 6-10 half sheet, etc...)

1 comment:

  1. I tried this! Got lots of interaction on the post (my most ever on my page) however no one has taken me up on the offer to have a party yet. Hopeful though.